Face to Face

Grumpy Git book resized

 “Relationships  are harder now  because conversations become texting, argument becomes phone calls, and feelings become statuses and tweets.” ~ unknown.

The Grumpy Git’s Guide to Technology is my latest lighthearted read, but when I reached page 51, ‘Text and Chatroom Acronyms’ I came face to face with myself.

Page 52“This is where I get a bit schizophrenic. As you know I will not shorten words on a text message and I view those who do with complete and utter disdain. I also hate people who constantly speak in clichés and insert acronyms and abbreviations into sentences at the drop of the syllable.”  ~ Ivor Grump

He went on to give his list of both approved, and banned abbreviations and acronyms. ASAP, AKA, were approved as were a few other old, tried and tested.

I think I would get on rather well with the author Ivor Grump, well so far as text messaging is concerned. I wonder what his real name is. Oh, and let’s not confuse him with my friend Ivor the poet! 

I too am not a fan of lazy messaging and not least because half the time I cannot understand it!

Page 51 Grumpy Git book resized

ATM (At The Moment) most certainly banned “We have the word now for this. It could also be confused with what the Americans call a cash dispenser. You know a CD.” ~ Ivor Grump.       Actually, I call it a Cash Machine!

I’m guessing the trend of shortening words is another American import, similar to that country’s habit of abbreviating every town and state so that anyone from outside of America needs to begin a guessing game or find a map with clues!

Lazy messaging used to be the prerogative of the young, but these days many adults have adopted the text language, and how the teenagers must hate that!

Has the pace of life changed, can people really not be bothered to type the words? Well then, why not use the phone’s microphone, it will do the typing for you, and if your speech is clear, editing won’t be needed. If you’re really feeling lazy or speed is of the essence, and the microphone appeals to you, you can even use it for blogging by dictating directly into WordPress!

A WordPress colleague uses the initials DH when referring to her Dear Husband, it took me a while to work out who DH was, I thought he must be the handyman!

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) “People who say this really don’t have a humble opinion, they have a very grand opinion that they want to dress up with some token humility. They might as well save the blather of the letter H and use IMO.” ~Ivor Grump.

Oddly enough Ivor Grump approves of LOL (Laughing Out Loud), whereas for me it’s a Nono!  I prefer the old comic book version… hehe or haha!

He disapproves of  KIT (Keep In Touch) saying,  “What’s the point of keeping in touch if you’re only going to be bombarded by a load of acronyms!” ~ Ivor Grump

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of Ivor Grump’s book which I may or may not share on these pages in the not too distant future!

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018.  linked to the word PACE from Fandango’s One Word Challenge. 

28 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. I’m with Ivor, it’s another language. I remember the post on social media a few years ago when a young lady wrote that her grandmother had passed away. A reply came back from and older person who was trying to be savvy that said, “So sorry to hear of your grandmothers passing. LOL.” She thought the LOL meant lots of love when it means laugh out loud. ☹️

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  2. I’m with Ivor too, !!…. Ivor(me) not Ivor(G), always message in long-hand, mainly because I’ve no idea of what most of the acronyms mean !!. Thanks Sue for LOL’s

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      1. yes I did, and I’m just back blogging, I’ve had a few little getting to know this machine problems, but overall the little computer is ok for my basic needs at the moment.

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      2. I can imagine Ivor. My phone and tablet have their uses but during the day when I want to to write a blog post and work with photographs, the computer is always my first choice.

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      3. Yes, it’s using the photos and I always like to add some music. With photos and documents at the moment, I have to save/transfer them from my Onecloud onto a picture file here before I can put them in my blog, so everything is a little slower for me.

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      4. The photos I take with my phone are saved on icloud, so I agree with you it’s always slower having to download, but the ones taken with my separate camera I save to my computer and I won’t let icloud sync with it, I’ve also started to use Flickr then of course there’s my external back up drive and despite all these places for storing my pictures I still spend ages looking for the ones I want!


  3. I never use any abbreviations/acronyms other than the ones Ivor “approved.” I think it’s a sign of laziness and a hold over from the dark ages before smartphones when cells had only a numeric keypad. And it causes confusion when someone types “ATM” for “now” and I think they’re talking about a machine that distributes cash. And it’s a waste of time when I see an acronym and have to google it to see what it means. Seriously, WTF? KNIM?

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    1. You and me both, it seems GMTA! Where’s the fun in acronyms? NIMBY! Oh and shouldn’t there be W in KNIM? So sorry, I couldn’t resist this and anyway you started it! 🙂

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      1. I did indeed. I’ve just been reading some comments on other blogs but eventually lost patience with the stupidity of people. Why do it and why assume everyone knows what the abbreviation means. I give up!


  4. gc

    Great article Susan. I think there should be a “Pitman Shorthand Guide” for all those folks who try to cut corners by using their own unabridged shortcuts when they are texting. But as you indicated since most folks texting theses days are lazy they would find a way around that and confuse the matter even further. Look how Trump misspells the simplest of words he uses in his tweets. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Gerry. There’s no point in me shortening a sentence, I would lose the fun and as you know only too well, half my fun is in the context what I write when commenting or messaging and if I can’t have fun… what’s left? 🙂


  5. I’ve never used ASAP always saspo; which I came across aged 25 when I started in the aviation industry, and I wont give my mbrat ( pronounced embrat naturally) either.


      1. Back in the 50’s and 60’s when you made an airline booking you were usually asked for an “MBRAT” a telephone number or an hotel or address where you could be reached.
        “May Be Reached AT”
        Now they just say “Whats yer mobile number?”; all class! 👿

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