Time for tea

“I accidentally went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and now I’m the proud owner of aisle five!”

The Weekend Photo Challenge over on our other site https://weeklyprompts.com is Food for Thought. We asked those taking part to tell us the names they use for mealtimes. For example, teatime, dinnertime or suppertime and we invited them to share their photographs. This is my personal response to the challenge.

Breakfast – A couple of months ago, during an early morning shopping trip to the supermarket, I called in at the cafe and ordered a full English breakfast; although not a regular occurrence, a cooked breakfast will normally fuel me for the day. Unfortunately, on this day I couldn’t eat all that was served and the photo below shows why.

The Overcooked Supermarket breakast

I ought to have complained and sent back this plate of over cooked food with brittle hash browns and a split burnt sausage, but I felt uncomfortable doing that.

Lunch – This was enjoyed on a shopping trip to a Dunelm home store with two of my daughters and I’m sure you’ll agree that this simple salad with baked potato and cheese looks far more inviting than the supermarket full English!

Lunch at Dunelm

In England, tea is the name for our evening meal. This is eaten at teatime, and in my house that’s approximately 6:15 pm, but if we were to go out for the evening or stay over in a hotel the name for the meal would change to dinner!

Then there is afternoon tea, a delightful custom that is usually taken from 3:00pm onwards and most often before 5:00pm. The following two photos were taken during afternoon tea at a Harrogate hotel with third and fourth daughters Lizzy and Sophie.

Afternoon tea Harrogate Hotel 2Afternoon Tea Harogate hotel

Not all restaurants serve afternoon tea in the same way. The above pictures are not typical examples, but nonetheless it was a very enjoyable afternoon tea. Please excuse Lizzy’s puzzled expression/frown, you’d think by now she would be used to Sophie and me taking pictures of everything and everyone!

A more traditional English afternoon tea is the one below, served at nearby Crag House Farm restaurant, run by the charity ‘Caring for Life’.

Caring for Life afternoon tea

A few days ago, with some of my family, we took a stroll down to the village and had tea at the local pub where new management is in place.

I ordered typical pub grub, scampi and chips (fries). When my food arrived I took one look at my plate and without a thought (I do not know what came over me) I turned to the waitress and asked: “Are you operating portion control now?” The expressions on the faces of my family said it all. I’d shocked them because as I said earlier I don’t normally complain, but the portion of chips resembled a child’s portion, the food wasn’t well presented and neither did it look appetising.

My Scampi and chips at the Fox

When the previous management was in place the food at the village pub was of a higher standard.  Compare this plate to the picture below, a lunch taken a couple of weeks ago at another pub, also typical pub grub but with thought given to the presentation.

Lunch in the beer garden

Back to the Scampi and chips – A few minutes after being served the senior waitress arrived, apologised for the small amount of chips and presented me with a side portion. A little later, when the side portion of chips remained untouched, all eyes were upon me as Victoria, my eldest asked, “Mum are you going to eat those extra chips?” I looked around the table and reluctantly replied “I can’t I’m too full!” This was one of those moments where my dad would have said “Susan, Your eyes are too big for your belly!”

Fortunately, my son-in-law arrived and ate the extra portion, thus saving my embarrassment when the waitress came back to clear the table!


PS. I feel I should point out that my diet at home is far healthier than my menu choices when out and about!

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018. In response to the photo challenge Food for Thought

Weekly Prompts.  http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/08/04/photo-challenge-food-for-thought

23 thoughts on “Time for tea

  1. I ordered a slice of chocolate cake for dessert a few days ago, just as a treat. The size of it was enormous!! I should have asked the waitress to cut it in half. I couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day. Certainly my eyes were too big for my belly. I’m enjoying your posts, Sue, you have a wonderful way of writing that is very enjoyable to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Trev, thank you! What a kind comment to make and much appreciated.
      Chocolate cake eh Trev, eyes enlarge, belly wants it but can’t cope with it, Very familiar! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I never used to photograph food because the people on facebook annoyed me so much with their need to share every meal with the rest of us. Then I began blogging And one never knows when a picture or two might come in handy.


    1. I did try an online complaint but couldn’t find the appropriate site. This morning I received an invitation to become an online commentator and submit a weekly survey of their supermarket, and with benefits! I shall enjoy this one!

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  2. I’d like to be able to do that – go shopping on an empty stomach.

    1) That breakfast ; I’d have picked the plate up walked to the kitchen and thrown it into one of their filthy garbage
    bins; I have no doubt they would be.Filthy that is!

    2) Much to much cheese; and the salad boring.

    3) Salmon could have been presented a bit nicer, also more of a late, petit dejeuner; than afternoon tea I’d have

    4) I’ll pass on this lot!

    5) I’ll take this,

    6) If it tasted as bad as it looks see 1)

    7) No complaints about that.

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    1. I agree with you Brian. The Harrogate tea tasted fine but like you say the presentation of the savoury dishes at that hotel was a disappointment. The baked potato was my favourite, I love cheese and the salad dressing this place uses is delicious.Next time I’ll find out who makes it.

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      1. My dad decided to take us for a day out to Gravesevend. I don’t remember why, we lived in Barking/Dagenham, We went up to Becontree Station and caught a train (District Line) up to East Ham. Then a bus down to the Woolwich Ferry. I seem to recall that you could walk under the Thames through the tunnel there, but we always went on the ferry. The old double decker trams were still running back then in Woolwich.
        Anyway we went to large shop, might have been a Woolworths, I can’t remember exactly and they had a food counter where you could buy sandwiches and rolls,
        My dad asked me what I wanted and I said a cheese roll.
        Never had one before in my whole life, my dad looked at me as if I’d gone funny, knowing Id never eaten the stuff. What little we had during the war he ate, which was fair enough, but I wont dwell on that.
        Anyway I got my cheese roll and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever eaten, I’ll never forget it!
        I’ve often tried to recall why we went to Gravesend, and wondered whether my dad took me to see Pocahontas’ grave.
        She died in England just over 400 years ago and I was a bit of an history nut even then

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      2. Sounds like you had a lovely day out and obviously etched in your memory.
        Although born after the war I can still remember food rationing. Years later my mum told me that during rationing the women made sure the man of the house was fed because he was the money earner.

        I didn’t know Pocahontas died in England, thank you for that snippet.


      3. I’ll look at that thank you. Sorry about the spelling/typos. The predicted text on the ipad kept changing ration to fashion and fashioning, I altered the F but didn’t even notice the Sh! I think rationing continued into the mid fifties. 🙂


  3. gc

    All the food photos have whetted my appetite for something munchy, delicious and tasty. Shopping on an empty tummy is a definite no-no but we all are guilty of that I am quite certain. Thanks for sharing the photos with us Susan. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They do have that affect but choose carefully, you don’t want to end up like me with half measures, or something a little overdone! Glad you liked the pictures, thank you Gerry 😊

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