Losing it!

“Thinking about things you cannot change is like purposefully keeping all your thoughts in a traffic jam!” ~ Karen Salmonsohn.

The Midweek Word-prompt over on our site Weekly Prompts is Traffic Jams. The prompt was chosen by GC, and he asks us to share our traffic stories of flared tempers and drivers losing their composure. This is my response to the prompt.

Not Road Rage By nature I am a calm person and to lose my temper would be a rare occurrence. I don’t shout, I never swear, and on the whole I’m pretty patient with other people. Therefore, there are no incidents to recall where I myself may have lost the plot. I do, however, remember a trivial incident from years back concerning another driver, and also one from a couple of weeks ago involving my third daughter Elizabeth.

Incident One – I was driving on a narrow country lane when I arrived at a T junction. There were no signposts, and I was uncertain of which way to go.  A car pulled up behind me, and the lane ahead was clear. My companion suggested I turn right which I did, but without indicating.

I hold my hands up to this, forgetting to indicate was a mistake, but in this instance, it made little difference to the vehicle behind because the driver was unable to go around me and had to wait in turn.

A mile later, realising we were lost I indicated and pulled off the road. The car that was following pulled up behind me and the woman driver got out and began yelling and swearing. Apparently she was a teeny bit annoyed that I hadn’t indicated at the junction!

To say I was shocked would be something of an understatement, it was a trivial incident that hadn’t inconvenienced this woman in any way whatsoever, yet it had caused such a strong reaction. I stared at her in disbelief and shook my head. My companion, equally shocked, was having none of it and told her in no uncertain terms where she should go.

Incident Two –  Daughter Elizabeth was driving home from the nursery with her baby and two-year old toddler. Ahead of her was a stationary line of traffic, Lizzy was unsure whether the car in front had left a very long gap between it and the other vehicles or whether it was parked. Having decided the gap was too wide for the car not to be parked, she overtook and joined the line of traffic.

Unfortunately, the car wasn’t parked, it pulled up behind her, and the driver began displaying her annoyance by sounding the horn.

Unbelievably, the car followed Lizzy home, and as she was taking her children out of the car, the other driver began name calling and swearing. Lizzy explained that because of the long gap, she had mistakenly thought the car was parked. The explanation didn’t pacify the driver who continued the barrage of name calling and foul language even as my daughter entered her house.

This kind of appalling behaviour makes one think that if these people are capable of behaving in such a way in public, what on earth must they be like in private with their families?

© SueW-nansfarm.net 2018. In response to the word-prompt Traffic Jams from Weekly Prompts http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/08/01/word-prompt-traffic-jams

13 thoughts on “Losing it!

  1. Some people seem to go through a whole personality change when they get behind a wheel! Why do people leave huge gaps between themselves and the car in front? Be careful out there.

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    1. I agree Trev the whole thing was ridiculous, a pointless long gap in the traffic, horn sounding to vent her anger and then following a young mum home for the purpose of harassment is almost criminal.

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  2. gc

    Imagine this scenario Susan if you will.

    The light has turned red and you are in the right hand lane near the curb. There is a vehicle in the middle lane who you assume wants to continue to drive forward.

    Suddenly just as the light turns green the driver in the middle lane puts on his right blinker, pulls in front of you and turns right. This has happened to me a few times and the drivers responsible were from another part of the country.

    Happily this did not result in acts of uncontrolled road rage but it could have been disastrous if the driver in my lane had jump started the green light.

    Drivers like that should lose their rights to drive.

    Thanks for posting your story. 🙂

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    1. I agree, there is always room for innocent driver error, but sometimes it’s just plain idiocy. I’m glad you also kept your cool. 👏🏻 Well done! 🙂


  3. I was a “professional” driver for more than 30 years; I love driving , and in that time around Sydney alone I drove more than 2 million yes 2,000.000. kms. In that time I received one speeding fine, I was caught on a speed camera doing in excess of the 80 k limit.

    Trouble was I wasn’t where I was supposed to be when the speeding took place. I was actually at a toll booth and the time on my toll booth receipt was exactly the same time as the alleged offence. Whether or not it was some weird computer error or not I don’t know. Someone may have had a set of plates made with my rego number, which is a possibility, happens a lot in NSW, Ghost numbers they are called

    I told the War office I would go to court and get it dismissed but she said It’d cost me a damned sight more in lost earnings wasting a day in court and to live with it. Second worst mistake I ever made!
    I must admit I get annoyed at those drivers who don’t give a tinkers dam about other road users, which nowadays means all driving SUV’s. I’d ban them from city streets. They are just for show most of the time and the drivers seem to believe they have ROW over everyone else.

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    1. Very careless of the ghost driver and how unfair to you. I’ve had two speeding tickets, the first was when the highways dept changed the speed limit from 40 to 30 on my route out of the village and I simply forgot! The second was when out on country drive the limit suddenly dropped from 60 to 30 and I didn’t slow down quick enough. Oh and I drive a SUV! 😀

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      1. 4×4 is needed out here in winter. My back prefers it too, it’s more comfortable on longer journeys and easier to get in and out of than a low saloon. I also love the way it looks, white shiny and big! It’s borrowed a lot too, perfect for flat packed furniture and for transporting clear outs to the council tip! 😀


      2. I’m not saying I don’t/didn’t, speed, I did on many occasions, just that I didn’t get caught 😈 and the one time I did it wasn’t me or my vehicle.
        My car was booked twice for going through a red light, but the War Office was driving once and our eldest daughter the other time. Naturally I made them ‘fess up.
        I did write and get them both off; I was pretty good at doing that, should have been a solicitor 👿

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      3. Very clever I should have had you trying to get me off. Could have said that the camera was far too close to the start of the 30 limit… which obviously it was! 😀


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