Weather Watching

The weekend Photo Challenge over on our other site is The Weather. The following is my response to the challenge.

The weather here in England has been unusual of late with most of us enjoying a prolonged heatwave which at times has proved a little uncomfortable. 

It was only a little storm but the rain was welcome and refreshing.

For a number of years taking photographs has been high up on my list of hobbies and like many of us, the hobby began with taking pictures of my children and making home videos. 


When I retired, and before I took up blogging the inevitable boredom set in, and as a point and shoot camera hobbyist I began to look for more interesting things to do with my time apart from constantly checking the status of friends and posting on Facebook (I no longer do that).

One day while watching the local news on TV, my attention turned to the weather pictures that were shown at the end of the program. It was as though someone had switched on a light. “I could do that; I’ll become a weather watcher!” 

Weather Watchers Clouds

An Amazon search provided me with a couple of weather thermometers, with one even measuring the rainfall.

After registering with the BBC, my new hobby or should I say my new obsession began in earnest! I measured the temperature throughout the day and took hundreds of photographs both here and away from home, and after uploading to the website I patiently watched every weather bulletin in the hope of catching a glimpse of one of my photos. Several were shown on TV and surprisingly, they weren’t even the best ones. A selection of which you see here today. 

First Snow November 12th 2016

I still upload photos but not half as often as I used to.

© 2018. In response to the photo challenge The Weather from Weekly Prompts

10 thoughts on “Weather Watching

    1. Thank you Peter. The rain is very welcome to me too. Usually, we English are never satisfied weather wise, but this time I’m taking great pleasure in both and still filming downpours like I’ve never seen heavy rain before!

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  1. gc

    Loved the weather report Susan. The weather is both beneficial and fickle.

    In this neck of the woods during the summer months tornado warnings, wind warnings and hail warnings are part of the scene until early September.

    Other times the monsoon-like deluge of rain brings hotter and uncomfortable weather.

    Thank you for sharing this report with us. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so used to the extremes of weather but over here it’s a bit of a shock. I’m enjoying both right now though it does get a little hot and uncomfortable during the night. Thank you for the last words!

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  2. I’ve forgotten what rain looks like; the situation here in Australia is getting pretty desperate. NSW is classified as 99’9 drought affected at the moment. I love the sunshine and the warmth, but realistically we need rain, lots and lots of rain, enough to drive us crazy and to say, ‘no more’ and then more rain.

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