“Survival activates miracles when a person relies on the graces of hope and faith.” ~ Caroline Myss

The midweek word-prompt over on our site  is Shrubbery and was chosen by GC. This is my response to the prompt.

When I looked in the draft folder on Weekly Prompts and saw what GC had chosen for the midweek word-prompt my first thought was Shrubbery?  What the heck do I do with this one?” 

I pondered his words for a while and then I began to think about how I’d hoped for re-growth and wished for new beginnings. I snapped out of this train of thought and went down the straightforward greenery route instead. 

Backgound – After my husband died, my eldest daughter and family moved in. We extended the house and divided it to give each of us our own homes under one roof. During the renovation work, to make way for extensions and a patio, the builders dug up a number of plants and shrubs.

In my attempts to stay out of the way of the builders, I didn’t appreciate the true extent of the garden carnage until it was too late. For example, a rhododendron bush that was a gift from a friend in memory of my dead baby, rose bushes that were gifted from my colleagues at school in memory of my mother. The soil where beneath the surface my mother’s ashes were scattered. All ruthlessly excavated by a small machine and thrown into a skip without care or thought to sentimentality, nor any attempt to re-plant.

SONY DSCOne solitary rose-bush survived the excavations as did a bushy bush that had been brutally dug up and thrown away. The bush was initially planted by my second daughter during a bleak period in her life, a time when gardening became her therapy.  Much of her planting was ploughed over and discarded but when I spotted the bush, I asked one of the builders if we could replant it further along. He was pessimistic and doubted anything could be salvaged but he agreed to my request.

The bush that survivedThe deadwood needed to be cut away, but against all the odds, the bush survived. Today it is strong and healthy and may one day stand tall again.

(c) 2018. In response to the word-prompt Shrubbery from Weekly Prompts

18 thoughts on “Survival

    1. I didn’t realise how much of the garden we were to lose, if I’d gone around to the back of the house with a tape measure I might have had more of an idea of how far the footings would extend. I’ve never been any good at gauging widths etc! You’re right I do have the beautiful rose and the bush that I can’t remember the name of!

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  1. I know how sad it is to lose plants with memories. The idiot who bought our previous residence simply razed thousands of pound’s worth of landscaping and plants to the ground in order, in effect, to make way for a builders’ yard, Many of the plants, like yours, had a special sentimental value. Others had a considerable value, full stop!

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    1. So true Les. I am sorry about your previous garden, it must break your heart to see what the new owner has done to your lovely home.


      1. I can understand that. My husband used to say that if we ever sold this place he would never be able to drive past it.


  2. Should have called upon my War Office, she only has to look at a dying plant and it springs back to life, I’ve never come across anything, or anyone like her; my dad was good, a real green thumb, but the War Office makes him look like a tyro.

    She has to be good with something. I recall shortly after we met she asked me what I’d like for breakfast and I told her a couple of nice boiled eggs would go down well,What could be easier? I knew she wasn’t much into cooking.

    She brought me my eggs, the first was fine, but somehow the second was hard boiled, hard as a rock, and to this day, 44 years on, I still haven’t worked out how she managed to do that,True! 😀
    But in the garden……………………

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    1. Ha ha, I like that. Maybe one of them had a hard shell or perhaps it was the other that had a thin shell. Has the cooking improved any in the 44 years? 😀


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