That’s not a calf

The midweek word-prompt on our other site is Subliminal and was chosen by GC. This is my response.

The other day my youngest daughter Sophie whose eyesight isn’t brilliant when not wearing her glasses, exclaimed, “Mum I think you have a cow calving over there!” I looked at the cow and remarked, “That’s impossible she’s already got one!


Sophie was born here, and her idyllic childhood was spent roaming the fields alongside the sheep and cows, her knowledge of farm animals is fairly comprehensive. She was also aware that each of the cows has a calf at foot, therefore she knew that this cow was not about to give birth, but on some very deep level, her subconscious mind told her otherwise.  The subliminal message she received told her that whatever was emerging from under the cow’s tail must be a calf.

I picked up the binoculars for a closer look. Sure enough there was something making an exit from the animal’s rear end and it wasn’t a couple of legs! Upon seeing the red balloon shape protruding I picked up the phone and rang the farmer who rents my land, I told him one of the cows was having a prolapse. “I’ll be straight up,” he answered.

Ten minutes later the farmer arrived, and within a couple of minutes, the prolapse had been pushed back in. He then walked around the group of six cows and examined each of them. When he’d finished, he walked over to where Sophie and I, with great interest, were watching the proceedings.

I asked if there was a problem with the other cows, to which he replied, “All six of them have had problems, that’s why they’re here with you and not over the lane with the others, we knew you’d keep an eye on them!

This is true, I do keep my eye on them but it would have been nice to know what my eye was supposed to be looking for!

(c) 2018- Written in response to the word-prompt Subliminal from our other site Weekly Prompts.

14 thoughts on “That’s not a calf

  1. Oh Sue what a wonderfully sublime story, I’ve one of the broad grins again, from ear to ear xx, Subliminal is not a word I’ve used much, hmmmm, I’ll see what I can do.

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    1. Thank you very much Ivor. It’s not a word I’ve used often either. We swapped prompts at the last minute so that I could continue to test the publishing time zone difficulties we’ve had. So thinking of something else to write about at the last minute wasn’t easy until I remembered the cow incident from last week. The good news, however, is we’ve finally sorted the problem. And you Ivor will love Nan’s Farm answer to the Saturday challenge that I’ve had on hold. 🙂


    1. In this instance Ray it was the uterus that had slipped out of position. It’s particularly common in cows following calving. Also happens in ewes, pigs less often and in Mares it is quite rare. Very often it can be simply pushed back but if it’s a severe prolapse it needs a veterinary surgeon to stich it back in place. I could go on and tell you about the other types of prolapse, but probably best if I leave it at that! Thanks for asking Ray. 🙂

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  2. So you are now able to add ‘Visual Prolapse Detection’ to your CV!
    Maybe prepare some nice invoices with that as a heading, and send a bill to the farmer for the service in question, adding a monthly account for observation!

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    1. I am indeed, though if I was completely honest, I wasn’t too sure exactly which type prolapse it was! I could always put the rent up to include postpartum services!

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