Multi-faceted? Me?

The Weekend photo challenge over on our site is another one chosen by GC and entitled Unusual Shape  This is my response to the challenge.

When I first saw GC’s pear pictures I very nearly posted a picture of me, after all, I fit the category of pear-shaped rather well!

On the other hand, did I really want to lose face? Instead, I about-faced and came up with these two pictures, so face front and take a good look.The faces of the treeA face in the puddle

What an unusual tree shape, definitely three faces there!
Next stare at the puddle of water, close your eyes slightly and focus on the shape the water has formed between the stones, can you see a face with an open mouth? Kind of reminds me of Winston Churchill!

© 2018 In response to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge Unusual Shape –

13 thoughts on “Multi-faceted? Me?

  1. I’ve just had another look Margo and I can’t see the pig’s head. I see the face looking toward the left but no pig!
    I shall of course be checking this throughout the day! 🙂


      1. You have so let me down. On the other hand I did think the face reminded me of my dead husband, he had a look of Winston in his healthy robust days, or was it Charlie Drake? Perhaps he was in the picture to haunt me! By the way while you have been enjoying your single malt, I have been on the rum and black!
        Tomorrow, I will regret the honesty my tongue has been producing in the last half hour! 😀

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      2. You are a reader so I’d guessed you’d worked it out Peter.
        He did once do a documentary that Churchill’s granddaughter commissioned and he played the part of Winston. Never seen full face but the likeness was amazing he had the mannerisms spot on. Obviously he didn’t speak and he even had to have the hair on his hands shaved off because Winston didn’t have any!

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