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Info signThe word-prompts over on our Weekly Prompts site have been the cause of some frustration and possible confusion, today I will reveal why.

When we were planning our new Weekly Prompts site, GC became unwell, (such bad timing on his part!).  “Continue as planned,” he said, “I’ll catch up when I feel better.” I went ahead and set up the initial site while leaving bits for GC to tweak, however, because it was set up by me, and not GC it was set in my time zone.

I published the first three prompts, the pingback links were successful and all went according to plan.


GC is feeling better. ”You write the next three,” I instructed, “And after that we take turns.”  At this point you will note I am becoming bossy.  GC doesn’t appear to mind.

At GC’s first attempt the link was incorrect, we edit. GC’s second attempt and the link was again incorrect, we edit. At GC’s third attempt and before I retire to bed, at his request I confirm the link it is correct.

Waiting in draft form, and now linked to the word-prompt ‘Frustration’, was my Nan’s Farm response. This morning I published, but the pingback failed, “What on earth..!”

Now, some of you may be aware of the seven-hour time difference between GC and me. When I began writing this, it was the middle of his night, (I since had a break, a long one) and he was blissfully unaware that the pingback link was unsuccessful.

So, using editing mode, I investigated the URL of the page, the proverbial penny dropped and all became clear.

When we bloggers write a post, that post has a unique hidden address, it is this full address known as the URL that creates a pingback when anyone links to it.  The URL contains a date and when edits take place, and if on a different day the URL can change.

Nan's Farm full URL

As I said earlier, last night on the 26th June I checked GC’s link, it was correct. Later, during my night which was now 27th June, Gerry edited and published the prompt, the date for him was still the 26th June, however, because British Summer Time is seven hours ahead the date had changed and was now 27th June, you remember Weekly Prompts runs on BST, so, the URL changed and this made Gerry’s link incorrect.

Why didn’t we spot this simple time error sooner, why didn’t we remember we were on different time zones?

The incorrect links on GC’s prompts are not his fault and have since been corrected, however, if you copied his links from a WordPress e-mail notification they will be incorrect. I apologise to those of you who attempted pingbacks from the e-mail links.

© 2018  Linked to word-prompt Frustrating from Weekly Prompts.

11 thoughts on “Info For U

  1. gc

    Thank you Susan for taking the time to explain our global predicament.

    There are many hidden intricacies we are discovering as we progress with our new web site.

    Hopefully trial and error will teach us the lessons we need to know to be even more successful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, pretend I’m a three year old, cause that’s my basic temperament, and why does it matter the date on the link? I often respond on a later date, so does that mean my posts are not seen by the prompter? Sorry I had to say promoter, bring the prompter as it were, or is….see what I mean?😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The date doesn’t matter to you. All that you need is a correct link, if the URL that is typed on our page is not identical to the actual page URL. The link will not work. It’s like giving you a wrong website address and expecting you to find the website!


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