Let the sunshine…

Smiling sunshine“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” ~ Joseph Addison

Hot off the press is the Weekend Photo Challenge from weeklyprompts.com  – Heatwave – another one chosen by GC.

 If you have attempted to take part in the photo challenge the original published link was incorrect, this is the correct one.


My response to the challenge is something of a mix and match approach.

Heatwaves here in England are a good deal milder than they are in Canada where this week temperatures soared into the thirties.conversion

Nevertheless, our summer has begun and bringing with it, the warmth of the sun, lifting our spirits, inspiring our smiles and instigating a cheerful hello to those we meet.

Woody, our family beagle, takes every opportunity to feel the heat of the sun upon his back

A Nap on the grassA nap outside the kitchenWoody Seen above taking a nap on the grass, revelling in the warmth of the paving  outside my kitchen door, and below starring in a short video of his reluctant participation in a sunny Thursday evening wash and rinse!

Defying Convention – A couple of days ago,  when enjoying a picnic within the grounds of a castle with two of my daughters, two older ladies, both wearing very short shorts walked passed us. The sight of them took us by surprise because over here, ladies wearing shorts in public is not a regular occurrence, and certainly not in my neck of the woods, gentlemen, informally yes, but most ladies tend to save this type of attire for occasions such as holidays in the sun (vacations) or relaxing at home in the garden.

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018 – responding the photo challenge ‘Heatwave’ from Weekly Prompts – http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/06/23/photo-challenge-heat-wave

13 thoughts on “Let the sunshine…

  1. Woody would really prefer NOT to be doing that!

    Most older people should be shown photographs of themselves wearing shorts (especially short shorts). Perhaps then they may desist!


    1. Too right, he loves having a shower/bath but is definitely not keen on Victoria’s outdoor wash and brush up. Shhh… I haven’t told her I videoed it, ( she never reads this) though I did edit the bits she wouldn’t like (if only I looked like that)

      I have to say what you dare not, older men look far better in shorts than older women! AND would a man wear such short shorts? Hanging out, as Cheryl put it is definitely more of an American thing. Sadly though, like everything else we didn’t need and do not want, the trend is coming this way!

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    1. Thank you Arlene, he is a cutie. We share him. I do doggy day care and after school pick up time, he goes back next door to my daughter and her family. He also wanders back and forth like a cat with two homes!

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  2. Beagles love to bathe in sunshine, and sleep, Emma my youngest daughter has one, and I used to look after him often when she lived close by, and we’d sit on the front veranda together for ages just sunning ourselves, a good companion. I love him, and miss him now they’ve moved far away. My Coco doesn’t, he’s still here chasing his lizards and hiding from the sun, he hates it.
    Your Woody has beautiful colouring, is well trained too, by the look of things, I’d love to have him 🐶🐾

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    1. You’re right, Victoria trained him extremely well. If Woody is inside the house he changes where he lies and follows the sun around the room. I share him with my eldest daughter Victoria, her hubby and kids next door, I do the doggy day care. I get the best deal too I don’t do the early morning and evening walks and they have the financial responsibility. He accepts his living arrangements and adapts well, he brings himself through in the mornings when they go off to school and work and trots back next door when the kids get back from school. 😊


  3. Woody is adorable and so well-trained!
    About those shorts: I stopped wearing short-shorts back in college. But I do wear skinny knee-length ones when I can, rarely in the City. I suppose some would say a women over a certain age shouldn’t wear those either but they are the perfect not-at-the-office garment. (Pockets! Bare legs! Summer-specific!)


    1. He is Linda thank you. I think knee length shorts can look lovely, but when it’s hot I think dresses are so much cooler and more comfortable. 😊


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