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Just chilling“The greatest thing about where my life is right now is it’s very relaxed and chill. I’m just hanging out, being myself and doing my job.” ~ Lucas Grabeel.  Seems we have a lot in common because I feel exactly the same!

The midweek word-prompt over on Weekly Prompts is ‘Just Chillin and this week it was written by GC.

The original link over there was incorrect, rectified below, we apologise if you attempted to take part in the prompt.

This is my response to the prompt.

Since I retired my whole life is one big chill, well, if I don’t count the chores, but even they aren’t a hardship, there’s something immensely satisfying about looking back at what one has just accomplished.

I don’t read books very often these days, and that’s because I’m constantly aware there is some other task/chore waiting for my attention, and if I pick up a book with the intention of reading in bed, I can guarantee I’ll be asleep by the third page.

Strange how I never feel guilty when I sit down at my computer. Perhaps in the recesses of my mind, I think of the computer as work-related, which is hardly surprising seeing as computing and teaching was my life for a good number of years.

Creation is my pleasure; I adore experimenting with photographs, videos, artwork, and audio, finding out what can be achieved.

I enjoy walking by the lakeside, taking photographs of wildlife and simply enjoying the moment, I often become lost in my thoughts, though it does worry me that one of these days the conversations I have in my head will end up being said out loud!

My BalconySitting upstairs on my balcony with a cup of morning coffee, afternoon tea or a glass of wine in the evening whilst watching the sheep with their lambs and cows with their calves is one of my most pleasant chill-out moments, providing, of course, it doesn’t rain, this is after all England!

I spend a lot of time in the company of my youngest two daughters, we enjoy days out together, often exploring the historical. I’m usually the driver, which means the journeys we make aren’t quite as relaxing for me as they are for my passengers.

Another of my pleasures is meeting up with my friends, which is something I do frequently, either for morning coffee or lunch in one of the nearby restaurants.

Finally, blogging needs to be added to the list. For me, it has become quite the happy little pastime,  though I try not to publish too many in any one week, I have no wish to bombard your inbox to the extent where it becomes intrusive.

© 2018 – Written in response to the midweek  word-prompt from Weekly Prompts –

23 thoughts on “Doing my thing

  1. Good for you, Sue. We work hard for many years, paying our way. Now’s the time to enjoy whatever time is left. It’s wonderful to be creative too. Enjoy and keep on enjoying.

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  2. I made reading part of my chores, because to read on my Kindlebor holding a book brings me so much joy, especially a good British mystery. I try to find every Detective Inspector or Chief Dectective Inspector series, with their DS, and travel the streets and roads of England. I used to feel guilty, thinking I was not doing anything useful, but that is not true. Reading keeps me sane, especially mysteries where the bad guys and ladies get their comeuppance, and good wins. I need that today living in a country with so much division and where it seems the wicked prosper and are not called to justice.

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    1. I understand perfectly.
      I love murder mysteries, always my favourite TV viewing choice. I’m assuming you receive some of our programs. I enjoy Midsummer Murders set in the south of England and also Vera which is set in the far north of England. I love the contrast between the two.

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      1. We too often joke about that. Never had any murders in our village, at least not that we know of. Like everywhere else violence is usually in the cities.

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      2. emn

        Made it through a few Midsummer’s — very fun. Vera is a must watch. Yes, I’m an American with a love for all shows English. 🙂 Oh, that reminds me. Some years back I was loving the Adam Dalgleish stories of PD James. I need to get back to reading again!

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      3. Oh Ethel, yes, yes. I too loved Adam Dalgleish! If you get the chance you should watch ‘The Split’. Not a murder mystery but one that son Joss and I enjoyed viewing.


    1. I frequently wish the passengers a happy holiday when there’s no one else around to overhear! I also talk to the plants and I tell myself off for doing stupid things, I do that often! Pity you don’t live further north we could go for a walk and have a three way conversation… or should that be four?

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  3. Maureen Helen

    You make your farm sound like the perfect place to chill out, Sue, although I’m sure you must work very hard some of the time. Your blogs are always interesting and uplifting. Enjoy.

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  4. Beautiful written Sue, and I like the word prompt, “Just Chillin”, if I get time I’ll give it a go later, hehe, it’s a big ZERO here this morning, chillin, brrrrrr.

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    1. Thank you Ivor. All down to Gerry this one. I’m awake bright and early again (5:50 am) and the temperature here right now is around 8° but expected to reach 16° this afternoon. I’m ‘chillin’ with the girls this morning, the toddlers will be in nursery and we’re off to visit a castle. 😊

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    1. I do occasionally read but read far more when I was working than I do now. Retirement is good Arlene and especially appreciated during the cold mornings of winter and on sunny days like today when I can take off and spend a few hours with my girls.

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  5. emn

    LOL! I just dug in here and re-read this thread this morning. All the British crime talk brings a smile to my face. We have access to BritBox and AcornTV and are plunging into some of those offerings. The Detectorists…a personal favorite. Not a crime show but so darned charming!

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    1. Hello Ethel, I didn’t realise you had so many of our TV shows over there. I shall make a list of some of the good ones. Though memory as it is I’ll probably have to ask Joss (my son) to remind me of the correct titles!


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