What next? A gas chamber?

We’ve all watched and listened to the news regarding President ‘Twitler’ and his sickest policy yet, the border separation of children from their parents.

I can’t help wondering which state he’s chosen to house the gas chamber!

It begs the questions, has the man ever comforted his child at night following a nightmare, has he witnessed the terror in his child’s eyes and seen the relief when his child is safe in his comforting arms?  I’ll take that as a No shall I?

If America can’t help itself then maybe it’s time for the rest of the world to step in, we do so everywhere else, so why not free America?

“The Feed”  from Australia is often one of my favourite views for comedy, however, they also do serious stuff. So, if anyone is still unsure what is happening in the land of the free – this is it.

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018  – A humanitarian response

18 thoughts on “What next? A gas chamber?

  1. It’s so dreadful what is happening, Sue. Heartbreaking and yet the satsuma in charge still gets away with it. He’s creating havoc in the world, it’s scary just wondering what he will do next. So many people hate him, I can’t understand why he can’t be removed from office. No doubt, his hardcore supporters will have excuses as to why he is continuing on this dangerous road.

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    1. I agree with you Trev. It’s unbelievable that he’s allowed to get away with it. It wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else. All I can say is if you’re not white skinned and fair haired… you’d better watch out, he’s coming for you next!

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      1. Although I’m tucked away in a quiet spot in Wales, I can feel a huge negative change in the world since he’s been in power. I truly hope he’s gone before too long.

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  2. gc

    A sick mind seeks to round up similar sick minds and thus justify their insanity by doing amoral and immoral things. Mike Pence is a political eunuch and appears to lack the spine or the resolve to confront his demented leader.

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    1. Why are they all so scared of Trump?
      I notice that you and I, unbeknown to each other, without any collaboration, have written on the same subject and published our posts at exactly the same time!

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    1. Which country are you from Arlene?
      Trump is not my president, I’m not American. I am British, a member of the rest of the world that ought to be stepping in here on humanitarian grounds, it’s what we do everywhere else!

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  3. I wont like this post Sue and you know why, I might add that if Adolph Hitler was alive he’d be very proud to have that occupant of the Oval Office as a friend and partner.
    I have never been so disgusted with anything like this in my whole life. Our lLiberal Country Party Government are bad, very bad, when it comes to refugees, and displaced people, but they pale into insignificance compared to what trump is doing

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    1. I thought we (the British) had a terrible history where child welfare was concerned. I’m remembering over 130,000 children sent to a “better life” in the former colonies, mainly Australia and Canada from 1869 to 1970s under Britain’s child migrant programme.
      Britain thought it was acting in the best interest of the child. Trump acts for no one but himself.

      Yes Brian, I do do know why you didn’t click LIKE and I respect your reasons. Thank you for commenting, it’s appreciated.

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  4. It’s very scary and sad. They are seeking asylum and not criminals. He keeps grouping these poor families with drug dealers, rapists, gangs. It’s the true side of the Republican Party coming to light. They are all compliant by their silence or by openly agreeing with him. I’m not saying democrats are all innocent, but this is beyond extreme.

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  5. You are absolutely right in what you say, although he is by no means alone in the world in being an evil, unthinking, unknowing, uncaring, bigoted misogynist. The comment from Arlene reminds us, and there are plenty of examples in the Balkans, Middle East, South America, Russia, China, India, Myanmar etc. Sadly, it goes on and on, and Trump is just the latest in a long evil line.

    The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.

    Let us all continue to speak out!

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