Organised by default

“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life. ~ Christina Scalise

Over on our other site, the photo challenge this weekend is ORGANISED. Quite an easy one really because as you look around, almost everything has been organised to look that way. 

Christmas fireplaceWhat do you see here? Is this fireplace  organised or disorganised? Most of the year my upstairs fireplace displays a minimalistic look. Come Christmas, however, and I go a little overboard with my Christmas ornaments. It’s the only area where I can do this because the downstairs kitchen/sitting room has a free-standing log burner, therefore not suitable to decorate and it’s not safe to put up a floor standing Christmas tree. So, I concentrated my efforts upstairs instead; my son decorated the tree, I reorganised the following day and fortunately, he didn’t notice!

Organised but chaotic

Remaining on the Christmas theme, what do you think about this display? I see it as organised but perhaps a little chaotic, the one below is organised and colour coordinated, but the one above kind of appeals more and makes me want to dive in and rummage!

An Organised display

© 2018 – Weekly Prompts photo challenge ORGANISE


10 thoughts on “Organised by default

  1. emn

    The chaotic shot is full of invitation. Yes, you are so right, Sue. It is vaguely organized but begs for inspection. Almost like the shopper is compelled to get close and see just what the heck is going on there. Oh, I’d expect a lower price, too. The bottom shop has that handselected look that says I’m going to pay top dollar most likely. Great post. And I love your decor upstairs!

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    1. No idea why I chose Christmas at the start of summer!
      You are so clever Ethel, spot on. The first was at a local garden centre, the second at an expensive but wonderful specialist Christmas shop in York. Thank you for liking my upstairs sitting room.

      After my hubby died and the eldest daughter moved back here with her family, we divided the house. I moved my son’s bedroom downstairs and used his bedroom as a sitting room. By then he’d moved out, but came back temporarily two years later! He’s still here but likes it downstairs, thankfully!


  2. Aargh! Noooo! Too early for Christmas!! 🙂
    However, I do like your Christmas display in the top photo, and I can’t decide between the other too photos – perhaps the second one is just too organised and I’d be afraid to touch anything incase I spoiled the display.

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  3. That last photograph brought to mind Salzberg. In November I think it is, students start painting and decorating eggs, not just a few but literally thousands. I have many photos hidden away somewhere taken in Salzberg in ’05, I never did find out what happened to them after christmas

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    1. Maybe they saved the eggs until Easter!
      I took the photo at the German Christmas shop in York. Three floors of Christmas, absolutely magical.


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