At 5:00 am


“Some people don’t sleep because they have insomnia. I can’t sleep because I have Internet connection!”

At 5:00 am  I was wide awake. So much for the blackout blinds and eye mask, they’d proved to be no help whatsoever. I reached out toward the other side of the bed and switched on the coffee machine (a retirement gift from my eldest) a minute later the machine light turned green.

Sitting up in bed while sipping my coffee, I could see the sheep grazing in the fields outside my window, all was quiet, and it seemed it was even too early for the birds, not a sound was heard from their usual tree perch. I reached for the iPad and checked the personal mailbox, it was empty, not even a ‘Happy Friday’. The other account alerted me to a few new articles from those I follow. I read a few, clicked  Like and made my comments.

Twitter had  some interesting tweets today. I read some but made no comment, then one of my favourites popped up ‘The feed’. Now I’m not Australian, but I do enjoy tuning in to this one, and today I spotted an amusing clip worthy of a share.

You may need to block Granny’s ears!

Following a week of setbacks that even the Happiness engineers had difficulty with, and GC not feeling very well, our new site Weekly Prompts has finally had all issues resolved. Our first prompt, a photo challenge, will be announced on Saturday, please do join us.

© June 2018

21 thoughts on “At 5:00 am

  1. A thing? I thought Miss America was a she-person? I liked the flesh look of the bikini.

    If I could meet a Happiness Engineer now, after my experiences with my last post, I would take great pleasure in inducing unhappiness to the extent of misery.

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      1. That’s a lot of conversations! You mean, he rewrote a section of the Code of Conduct to say, ‘Happiness Engineers will not get mad and hunt down and kill people who keep phoning time after time.’

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      2. Actually, they and us were remarkably patient and that’s difficult when ‘someone’ says, I can see the fault but I don’t know how to fix it, ‘someone’ will get back to you. Six hours later ‘someone’ comes back and says it should work now! It’s my bedtime but I try it anyway, it doesn’t work and now the brain won’t shut down and I spend the night waking up and thinking about it! The proof of the pudding as they say will be in the eating, so let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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  2. emn

    I remember your bedside coffee brew station from a past post. 🙂 A thoughtful retirement gift for certain.

    I hope GC is recovering from what is ailing him.

    I remain mystified at the argument that beautiful females who parade their God-given (or otherwise) fleshy talents are somehow “empowered”. Hey, as long as it is consensual then yes, I guess you can say it is an “empowered choice”. Still, it’s a choice that asks for validation of a certain type from admirers. I will probably never be able to appreciate the pageant. Obviously there are tons of people who do. Enjoyed the video share! Have a good day, Sue.

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    1. I’m with you all the way on this and I’m sure I once saw a junior one, now that is creepy! You remembered the little coffee maker! Thank you Ethel, I’m sure GC will be back to his usual self very soon. 😊

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  3. Totally agree about the Junior pageants. Creepy is a mild description. Downright unhealthy I would say, to see parents pushing forward their little ones in such a way.
    The argument that anyone has a right to do anything they wish with their own bodies is a specious one when others are exploiting their frailties. I worry about the influence of social media on our youth, and am seriously concerned when I see 3 year olds pouting for selfies!

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    1. I feel those same concerns about social media. I know young mothers who spend more time on their phones checking Facebook feeds and playing Facebook games than they spend giving quality time to their children. So sad.

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