Off with the old and on with the new

The future changes every day, new beginnings and new outlooks, brand new pages in another book, so why not open it and take a look.


Kirkstall Abbey Leeds, England

The last week in May signalled the end of the weekly photo challenges and daily prompts, and like many bloggers, I was saddened and disappointed, but out of the ashes, a new idea was born! 

GC and I decided to take our partnership in a new direction and together we created a new site and although in the development stage we welcome you to take part in our trial. Take a look 

To quote Gerry – The loss of this valuable platform caused many stalwart souls to think about ceasing their creative endeavors. This was a loss of talented people who had over the years honed their photographic and writing skills.

Our recently conceived site will attempt to fill that creative void which developed over the Word Press site’s discontinuation of that feature.

We heartily encourage you to write new posts or share your treasured photographs in reply to our Weekly Prompts. ~ GC

In the meantime please continue viewing some of my favourite photographs previously seen on this site.


The Shambles York the oldest street in England

Photo shoot calf

Seaside water fun

What goes up must come down

Mia 2012

Mia who lived to be 21 sat in her favourite spot.

Woody and loo roll

Woody our family beagle

(c) June 2018

In response to the final WP photo challenge All time favourites

13 thoughts on “Off with the old and on with the new

  1. emn

    You and GC have done it! How spectacular! Enjoyed your photo selections. You have such a wonderful knack in writing and sharing your piece of Yorkshire. 🙂

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  2. That street scene reminds me of a street in York, Shambles or something like that, I have several photos we took there in ’05, the War Office will know where they are.
    I have no idea what these WP daily prompts are/were I usually just move WP mail to the trash can, without bothering to read it. Got fed up with their wanting me to upgrade even more. I pay them enough as it is. Still I suppose they need to get more out of us to pay their “Happiness Engineers”
    Great pic of the boy with his bucket. I’ll have to put that on my list!
    Just love Beagles. Love to watch them in the park when I take my Coco for his run. I like the way they can bump into trees as they wander around sniffing. Theyb have great sniffers


    1. You are correct it is the Shambles in York, just 30 miles from my place. The boy is my third grandchild. I took the photo a few years ago in Bridlington, he’s now almost sixteen. The beagle is Woody our family pet. I do doggy day care and when the kids come home from school at 3:30 he goes back to them next door. Perfect arrangement. Such brilliant sniffers, I’ve had lots of dogs but never one so led by his nose. Thank you Brian

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      1. Have you ever noticed how beagles will walk headdown into a tree, not blink an eyelid just continue sniffing? They’re gorgeous dogs. 🙂 🐩🐶 🐾 🐩 🐶 🐾 🐩 🐶

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