On yer bike!

The people over at WordPress, the Happiness ones have just spread a little unhappiness by saying… (as from next week)  ‘On yer bike’. So quite apt that I’m using it as the title of my post today.

A little taste of Yorkshire

Following the highly successful inclusion of the hills and dales of Yorkshire, in the 2014 Tour de France road cycle race, a new road race the Tour de Yorkshire was developed.

Earlier this month, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, the Tour de Yorkshire passed by the end of our lane. After a long and gruelling climb up the winding Chevin hillside, where the competitors were enthusiastically cheered on by locals and visitors alike, reaching the summit and the top of our lane must have been a great relief.

After soaking up the superb and euphoric atmosphere of the race, my family did what we do best we had a proper Yorkshire get-together here at home, a family BBQ. Unfortunately, not all members were present, some had flown off to the sunny climes of Dubai, how very un-Yorkshire of them!

Union Jack Dress

Just a couple of weeks later, the first agricultural show of the season took place.

Otley Show day was also the day of the royal wedding and the wedding was an event I couldn’t possibly miss. Eldest daughter Victoria chose to show her patriotism by wearing her Union Jack dress, and even when hanging out the washing, you have to admit my girl has class!

Youngest daughter Sophie chose to take her children to Otley show and watch the wedding later. I asked her to film a couple of the events, but I have to say I wasn’t expecting to see the one she finally sent to me – thoroughly Yorkshire and shared here with a piece of very old Yorkshire music that is refusing to leave my head!


For those interested in video editing – The family BBQ video was something of an experiment. I  used a short video that my iPhone had automatically produced and using the video software Lightworks I disabled the audio and deleted part of the video. Next I added a clip of my own choice and finally re-enabled the audio to create the video you viewed!

© SueW-nansfarm.net May 2018 – In response to the word prompt Ceremony, something we don’t stand on here in Yorkshire!

24 thoughts on “On yer bike!

      1. It wasn’t until I began taking part in the challenges that I gained followers. So I guess the issue is how to gain new followers, assuming that’s what people want, and I think, understandably, that will particularly affect new bloggers.
        There was no explanation from WP, simply an announcement, but someone mentioned they were focusing upon corporate accounts.

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      2. I believe that categories and tags are the answer. If you attach a category of “kittens”, “dogs”, “dolphins”, or anything that raises an “arghhhhhh”, to any post, then you will gain followers. They are not always the people you may wish to have as followers but you can then pick and choose if you so desire.

        I’ve done a couple of experimental afternoons where I followed new sites, commented on as many posts as possible, and reblogged popular posts. It definitely drew followers, and increased site activity considerably.
        But (never start a sentence with but) do we do it for followers, or for ourselves? Now, there’s a thought!

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      3. I think you could be right there Peter. I will try more animal posts.
        I suggested to Gerry that maybe once a week he and I choose and agree on a word-prompt, write our articles and then re-blog the other’s, with an explanation and an invitation/challenge for other people to join in our prompt. I suppose it’s similar to what is already happening on other sites.

        When I began blogging I was definitely doing it for myself and I was shy (yes I was!) about telling others about my new hobby. Some of my earlier posts (long since deleted) were quite sad and depressing, but it was therapeutic to write my thoughts, though I should probably have stuck to my personal journal!

        December 2016 I began taking part in the prompts. Back then I had two sites on the go. Gerry re-blogged a couple of my articles and through him I gained followers. It was a surprise to discover I was needy and greedy for Likes!

        You too brought me new followers by re-blogging one of my farm posts and I am very grateful for that and as a bonus you became my friend! 😊

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      4. emn

        Groan. I was smiling after your lovely post and then I saw this nonsense about the daily prompt. Rubbish! If you and your friends figure out a way to keep the DP going amongst you, please keep me in the loop. I enjoy not only your posts but your friends as well!

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      5. Good morning Ethel it’s almost 6.45 am here and I’m awake early.
        GC and I are beginning our new idea this weekend. I will e-mail you the details shortly. Thank you for popping by again, always lovely to see you 😊

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    1. Thank you Ivor. I had to smile when Sophie sent that one, I was thinking more of cattle, Best in show etc. Not sure how accurate the info is on WP and Corporate accounts, it was second hand info that came my way.

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  2. gc

    Great post today Susan. The editing and the subject matter gave it a down home flair. As far as WP goes maybe we should all start following one another and hope that the bloggers we decide t follow will not be bitten by the urge to flood the air waves with their insights. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah ha, so you do listen after all! Yes I know exactly what you’re referring to, sometimes it’s difficult to comment on every post when so many of them hit the inbox. Editing videos late at night isn’t always a good thing, So back to the video and a little more editing! Thank you for the comments. xx


  3. Did you edit the sky too? There’s not a cloud to be seen, 😈

    What is this ‘happiness ones’, are they some over zealous religious people taking over WP? Do I need go buy a bke? P’raps a trike be more in my line 🙂 🐻

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    1. The day day was perfect, warm and sunny and like you said Brian, not a cloud in sight!

      When I first set up my site I inadvertently deleted my home page. I asked WP for help and laughed out loud when a ‘Happiness’ engineer replied, but I have to say he made me very happy when he fixed the problem. 😊

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      1. Who else could come up with such a title but a Yank?
        I trust you recorded the date on the calender to show what day spring summer occurred 👿 🐻


      2. We’ve had an excellent month of May with a good few hot days, you are probably right though sprong and summer could now be over. I see you remember the weather patterns very well.

        WP offices are in 🇨🇦, so we might need to blame them 😀

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  4. We visited friends who lived in Yorkshire not long after the Tour de France had passed through and I loved all the little touches that the villages had put into their decorations for the event – bunting, bicycles on walls and fixed on porch roofs and many other things. It was great fun.

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    1. The bicycles are wonderful, especially where they’ve been turned into colourful flower baskets. Before the event people groaned about the road closures, but when it came to it everyone threw themselves into the spirit of it. Wonderful atmosphere everywhere. Thank you for your comments Elaine.


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