Curves and Swirls

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” ~ Don Williams

The UK is a few hours ahead of North America which means the photo challenge over here is announced Wednesday at 5:05 pm. Usually, I give the challenge a little thought, but this week there was no need; the challenge is TWISTED  and a glance out of the window told me I wouldn’t need to look very far, nor think very hard in order to fulfil.

The early evening was warm and sunny, perfect for taking photographs, so, armed with my camera and mobile (cell phone), and wearing the perfume eau de repellent, I slipped out of the door.

Despite the swarms of flying insects, it was a pleasure to take a closer look at some of the twists and swirls of tree bark, notice the loops of a chain, appreciate the diverse species of branches that have long since reached out to become embroiled and entwined, and finally, the curls and twirls of a shadow that filled me with absolute delight. SONY DSCSONY DSCThe twist and gnarls of the tree 2SONY DSCThe twists and swirls and shadows

© May 2018 In response to the photo challenge Twisted

16 thoughts on “Curves and Swirls

  1. Oh, you cruel, cruel woman. Fancy keeping such an innocent branch chained up. What has it done to deserve that?

    But seriously folks, what lovely curls and twirls they have in Yorkshire! I wonder what strange beasts lurk within the crevices?


  2. The second pic down , if you hold your head to one side that looks just like one of those aliens from the Star War movies,

    Wheres Chewbacca when you need him?

    And the one below looks like a mother with child on her lap, also from the movie 🙂

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    1. Soup at 7:00 am
      Or should I wait til 12:00 pm
      Onions and carrots, potatoes and leeks
      maybe I’ll cook with one of each!

      Ha ha, best I do at this time in the morning!
      Love yours Ivor, thank you 😊


      1. And now you’ve set me off wanting soup! On my birthday someone gave me a gift voucher so I bought a soup maker. I think I’ll make a batch of leek and potato for lunch!
        You have a good evening Ivor and thank you 😊

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