A nervous wreck? lol!

car crash


Question on one of the auto transport quotes claims: “Are there any ways that the accident could have been avoided?”

Insurance claimant’s answer: “Taking the bus.”

Driving a car could be likened to taking your life in your hands, and it’s no laughing matter and especially when the day is panning out as decidedly unfunny.

I set off in good time for my hair appointment and expected to have a pleasant half hour drive over to the Spa town of Harrogate.

Driving down toward the valley, I spotted a set of temporary traffic lights on the roadworks ahead of me, and my heart sank. So I put my foot down and told myself I could do it, I could get through on green, and I did, albeit speedily.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t noticed that immediately after the lights the moving traffic had come to a halt, how I avoided running into the car in front I will never know, as it was I stopped with hardly an inch to spare.

When the traffic set off again, I couldn’t help but think about the consequences if I’d hit the other car. The inconvenience to so many people, the damage to my car and the car in front and no doubt, the tailback of traffic behind me and then there are the possible injuries.

Twenty minutes later, I slowed down for a 2 lane roundabout, and for those of you who drive on the opposite side of the road to me, I apologise if this becomes confusing.

I took the outside lane the one where I could turn right at the roundabout or drive straight on into a two-lane one-way street. After indicating my intention, I turned into the one-way system, but the driver of a large blue van in the lane next to me suddenly changed lanes, I narrowly avoided slamming into him by slamming on my brakes. Immediately afterwards, the driver changed his mind and went back into the other lane.

A minute later, the same blue van driver, without warning, made a last minute decision to turn right and cut across in front of me and for the third time in twenty minutes the speed of my braking was put to the test and thankfully in my favour.

Normally I’m a confident driver, pretty much unconcerned, but three hours later on my drive home, I felt nauseous, nervous and wary of every driver on the road.

Like I said – No laughing matter.

© SueW-nansfarm.net May 2018 – In response to the word-prompt laughter


15 thoughts on “A nervous wreck? lol!

  1. gc

    I am so glad nothing untoward happened to you on this driving adventure.

    Taking the bus might not be the answer either Susan. One time when I was a passenger on the public transportation system being chauffeured from point A to point B the time conscious driver decided to run a few lights.

    On the other side of the road hidden from view a police car with two members of the local constabulary flagged the bus down and the driver and 2 of his now irate passengers had to sit patiently in their seats until the long arm of the law had received its pound of flesh from this “experienced driver.

    Have you ever noticed that when you run a few lights that somewhere down the line karma catches up with you and events turn out to slow down your progress even more?

    The more we try to beat the odds the more the odds of a collision tend to grow.

    Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad nothing happened to me too. As for the traffic lights I think the need to be on time outweighed everything else and patience eluded me which as you know is not me at all. I will take care and will also stay alert for the foolishness of others. Thank you love 🙂

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  2. I owned a pacer/trotter once upon time, her name was “No Laughing Matter”, she was like my driving, not much good, she won once, and when I’m out driving and then I get home safely, I feel I’ve had that win again, and I’m always a nervous driver…….

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