The world according to a hound-dog

Expectations of a beagle called Woody

Woody 6 cropped

When I joined my new family, I was just a few weeks old and still wet behind the ears, and for that matter, so was everywhere else! I was given a new name and no longer referred to as ‘that one with the patchy snout’!

I was disappointed to find that my new family had named me after a talking toy,  the one that wears a cowboy hat and has a spaceman for a best friend! I was expecting a name like Brutus, Eros or Maximus!

Woody 5

The chances of ended up living on a farm were pretty slim, so I was dog-pleased when I realised that’s exactly where I was but I didn’t expect to be fenced in. I expected to roam free, roll in a few cowpats, keep my hound-dog nose to the ground, eat the sheep droppings and follow all the new and exciting scents!

I didn’t expect to remain half grown either, (how humiliating) I was expecting to grow big enough to jump over the wall, it was my dream, even though the family were told this would be extremely unlikely!

Recently, unlikely as it sounds, the kids told me I was a very handsome beagle and could become a model. So, I sat very still and modelled a number of outfits, albeit quite inappropriate for a self-respecting hound dog. In my defence, the promise of a treat was just too much to resist.

The Unlikely Model

Woody 4Woody 3Woody 2

(c) May 2018 In response to the Photo challenge Unlikely

14 thoughts on “The world according to a hound-dog

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  2. gc

    To misquote Elvis Presley Susan Woody “ain’t nothing like a hound dog”.

    Woody might be small in stature but what he lacks in build he more than makes up for with personal charisma, panache and style.

    I wish there was a National Beagle award for the little guy.

    Anyway as you stated the thought of a doggy treat was more than enough to stifle his natural inclination to hide out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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