And did those feet…

Ewe and lambs ancient time 
Walk upon England’s mountains green? 
And was the holy Lamb of God On England’s pleasant pastures seen? ~William Blake (1757 – 1827

A few years ago in England, a cathedral banned the hymn Jerusalem for being too nationalistic. This got me thinking about people in general and I came to the conclusion that some people are too nationalistic and sometimes a little too insular.

Nonetheless, this hymn remains a favourite, you could almost say it’s a national treasure. my other favourites in the national treasure category include ‘I vow to thee my country‘ and ‘Land of hope and glory‘. And on the subject of favourites let’s not forget the very English Last night of the Proms – watch and listen, soak up the atmosphere and don’t stop there do carry on and listen to Land of hope and glory.

A couple of days ago I had a conversation about where we live, our homes, our countries, though in truth it was more of a one-sided conversation, which usually means I did all the talking! Some of the conversation is below.

Are we proud of and do we love our individual countries?

I could have been born in Canada or America (my father used to live there). I could have been born anywhere in the world but as it happens I was born in England and it has remained my home.

Do I love my country? Am I passionate about my love for it? Quite honestly I don’t know.


I do know I love where I live, my immediate environment. I love taking walks in the parks and woodland, around the lakes and along the river bank.

Riverside 1 Knaresborough

SONY DSCI love the wildlife and farm animals. I enjoy visiting the castles and abbeys and I wonder in the age of them and all that has gone on before, I love hearing about and reading about our long and chequered history.

The Tudor Courtyard

I am proud that we still have a royal family and I think it’s sad that most countries don’t have this kind of continuity.

I respect our queen, our head of state, and I appreciate the amount of revenue that the royal family generates each year. I am proud that so many millions of visitors come here every year, but I don’t feel the need to flaunt it, it’s inside me.

I often disagree with whichever political party is in power but fortunately, the difference of opinion is never so bad that I need to take to the streets and march about it, well, apart from Brexit but even then I didn’t march.

I don’t feel the need to hang an English flag from my window in the way a member of a far right racist party would, or wear a Tee-shirt saying Make Britain Great Again and neither do I call for the re-build of Hadrian’s wall!

Am I proud of my country? Well, we have a history that no one should be proud of, so once again I do not know.

What was all that about? I think it was my long winded way of saying I like my country and today I’m flaunting it!. May 2018 In response to the word-prompt Flaunt

28 thoughts on “And did those feet…

  1. Oh, what a dilemma!
    For the past few days I have been mentally writing an article with a working title of “You owe me, I owe you – NOTHING!” My Sunday sayings commentary was part of my thinking.
    Thus my thoughts on this are in somewhat of a turmoil at the moment.

    Lovely pictures, lovely sentiments, lovely music!

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    1. Peter my thinking must be blurred because the reasons for your dilemma escape me, it could of course have much to do with the wine I recently consumed! However, I knew that you would enjoy the music. Please elaborate 😊

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      1. My dilemma is how to respond to your comments which would, in the past, have elicited a sincere hear hear. Until I sort out my rethunks (©)I have no idea how to respond in my own head. (and that is with no wine!)

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      2. Peter, you have spent a lifetime serving your country both as a soldier and a civilian, and you continue to serve and support today.

        Our country should be proud of YOU and the many others who serve as you have. As for me, I am very proud to know you.
        PS. I originally wrote this reply last night but it seems it didn’t post.

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  2. Well, you have hit the low points of the United States right now. We need a woman in charge in order to get us back on track. I’m proud of my country also, but I’m nervous about our future under our current political party. But, this too shall pass, I’m certain of that, because all does pass!

    Good post.

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    1. Thank you Margo. But which woman? I never actually liked the two this country has had and yet I voted them in! You are right It will pass and let’s hope sooner than later cos this one of yours has a knock on effect!


  3. I think obvious loving attitude for country was well expressed early in your post ….include ‘I vow to thee my country‘ and ‘Land of hope and glory‘. And on the subject of favourites let’s not forget the very English Last night of the Proms. Do carry on and watch Land of hope…

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    1. I got carried away last night Ivor. It was late and I’d just said goodnight to GC. So thought just another quick look at Jerusalem before switching off. I finished up watching the Proms until 2.00am! Right now I need match sticks!

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  4. I used to love my country, full stop. Now, I still love the magnificence of nature in it, but despise much of what is going on with the human inhabitants. In fact I am starting to emulate grandparents by regarding England as true home, although there too much is being done to trash what I value in it.

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      1. She kept us up-to-date during her short return to S.A,, and during our own visit to U.K. at the beginning of last year we did see a number of aspects of present conditions in U.K. Now, too, the two oldest grandchildren are completely British having had all their schooling and university experience there, while all of them became Citizens decades ago.
        Eldest Granddaughter Immy (of Dragon fame) presented me with an Oxford jacket and an assurance that with her finishing her studies there I am entitled to wear it.

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  5. gc

    As you well know Susan I am from the other side of the pond.

    That being said I enjoy a good cricket match, an enthusiastic game of polo, soccer and baseball

    While being insular is a proposition that President Trump is rigorously endorsing for his country by being too insular you miss out on the other avenues that life offers you.

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    1. So many times you and I have discussed this man and your comments here are so very true.
      Under his administration, (can’t say leadership here because not many want to follow) the country has taken a backward step. A new world? Hardly! Thank you love 🙂

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