A line of opportunities

GOLDEN ACRE PARK – The other afternoon, when enjoying a walk in the park,  a wooden bench sitting beneath the curved and twisted lines of the low-hanging branches of a tree, provided the nudge I needed to take part in this week’s photo challenge.

A straight bench beneth the curved lines of the branchesMoments later, clutching the mobile (cell phone) I began hunting for further lines of opportunity. I didn’t need to look very far, they were under my nose the whole time!

Little railway Golden AcreThe remains of a miniature railway that once formed part of a short-lived theme park, opening in 1932 and closing in 1938.

Today, the park with its aura of tranquillity, couldn’t be any further from a theme park. Just 2 to 3 miles down the road from my home it’s become a haven for wildlife, with ponds, streams, lakes and woodland.

Golden Acre Bridge 1

The bridge that leads to the marshes

Little bridge Golden AcreSteps Golden AcreGolden Acre Bridge 2© SueW-nansfarm.net April 2018  In response to the photo challenge Lines

18 thoughts on “A line of opportunities

    1. I believe it was preserved as a reminder of the history, though I for one am delighted it didn’t continue as a theme park. The park itself is beautifully maintained. I’m very fortunate to have so many parks, lakes and reservoirs nearby, with most only ten and fifteen minutes away.

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