Owl and Mouse (12) – Mouse makes a wish

Fairy Godmother 2

Keep Calm little mouse and call your Fairy Godmother, AKA Owl!

The 12th in the Owl and Mouse comic book series.

Mouse enjoys his visits to the other side of the pond, but when he doesn’t understand what some of his friends are talking about, he begins to feel excluded from the club.

If I had the power to bestow a wish, I would grant  Mouse’s wish for Inclusion.

If you are a follower of the Owl and Mouse series, you will know I usually present in a comic strip layout. Today’s arrangement takes the form of a stills video and is something of an experiment for this series. I would, therefore, be interested in hearing your opinion of the format. Thank you.

PS. Can you spot the unintentional mistake? 

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© SueW-nansfarm.net April 2018   In response to the word-prompts Bestow and Elaborate

12 thoughts on “Owl and Mouse (12) – Mouse makes a wish

  1. Sue, I like this new format. And it may play better with younger folks. I don’t know what format works better with kids, or even adults. But I do like the ‘video’ layout and the message!

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    1. Thank you Les. I noticed that too. A bit like when we first met and we both chose the Window of Opportunity!
      Years back, at harvest time and for an RE lesson, I re-wrote the Little Red Hen story, and when doing the illustrations my daughter added the mouse and he popped up on each page. I copied the original mouse and pasted him into my Owl and Mouse stories.


      1. He is a lovely mouse indeed, and would have made an excellent model for The Mouse in my Baa book, except that it isn’t illustrated.
        The Mouse finds things out for you on The Net and also loves telling Really Awful Jokes!

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      2. Thank you. He is very basic but cute too. Sophie offered to draw a better model, but I’m fond of him. We also used him for another RE lesson, more of a documentary! He was the tour guide in a synagogue, borrowed from the church mouse idea!

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