Sunday sayings #32

A re-blog of an article fromPeter’s Pondering because reading Peter’s regular slot of Sunday Sayings is a pleasure I look forward to, but on this occasion I’m asking a question and I’m asking in rhyme.

Are there too many days?

 Days for this and days for that.

It’s almost like a tit for tat.

So who declares what will be and when?

Who gave them that special right and can I choose to overwrite?

Do I need to wear a badge just to prove that yes I do?

Another day of déjà vu!

So what do you think? Are there too many days? Do you always partake or are you so used to them that they pass you by without notice? Are we now in danger of dismissing the day and forgetting each individual cause?

That said, I couldn’t let this day pass without a re-blog of ‘Peter’s Sunday Sayings’ because sometimes we do forget and as Peter told me today – You Matter!

Check out his original  Peter’s Pondering    Earth Day post below

© April 2018  In response to the word-prompt Partake

Peter's pondering

Every single individual matters!

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14 thoughts on “Sunday sayings #32

  1. arichristy

    Each day is what you make of it. I guess I don’t think much about it, honestly. Sometimes I have good days, sometimes I have bad days depending on my mood. I think the quality of a long series of days are all about the habits that you form. These habits will lead to your happiness and success, or adversely your misery and the destruction of what you hold dear, whether that be your friends, family, health, business, or dream.


    1. The days in question are the ‘Special Awareness’ days.
      For instance, a couple of weeks ago President Donald Trump declared April 2, 2018, “World Autism Awareness Day” to recognize the success of individuals who have autism in the U.S. Quite frankly, I don’t need him to raise my awareness, the UK is already very aware!
      My point is, is this overkill? Are these days no longer special days and simply because almost every week another one appears.
      However, I do hope you watched Peter’s video of EARTH DAY because that was indeed rather special!

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      1. arichristy

        Oh, I apologize, I didn’t understand what you originally meant. To answer your question, I don’t think the addition of special awareness days are overkill. I think adding special awareness days can only help. It may not do much, but at least it’s out there. If those days churn discussion, then being a special awareness day has made a difference. The UK may be different in its level of autism awareness. I will say, in regard to the U.S., there are still many ignorant people who know nothing – or care to know nothing – about autism, and then they’re the same people who complain about the challenges faced by parents of autistic children. I live in the Southern U.S., ignorant people are unfortunately prolific here.

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      2. I’m glad we cleared up the misunderstanding. I do hope you are correct and these special awareness days do indeed serve their purpose and achieve someone’s original well-intentioned goal.
        Thank you for your comments.


  2. There are so many “special” days now, many of which are petty or specious, that they tend to detract from mainstream days that should be special.

    Every day now seems to have multiple choices of what someone has decreed it should be remembered for, and I’m not sure that we really need a “Paint an oak tree tartan” day!

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  3. gc

    There are so many “special” days that the important one’s that matter are easily glossed over because there was no official group or causing touting it about. When one’s days become a daze then it is time to either throw out the old calendar or invent your very own. 🙂

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