Darling Buds of May, erm, April!

A Spring Clean

Spring is when you feel like whistling… even with a shoe full of slush” ~ Doug Larson   “Dear mother Nature, get back on your meds, pop open a bottle of wine, and start thinking warm, happy thoughts! ~ Facebook.com

Spring is a little late stirring this year, at least it is in my little corner of England. On the other hand, in some respects, it’s waking up right on time.

Christmas Tree

A re-planted Christmas tree

Tulips Saturday 14th April

Tulips Saturday 14th April

TulipsSunday 15th April

Tulips Sunday 15th April – Wide Open

Tulips Monday 16th April pic 1

Tulips Monday 16th April closed up a little

Tulips Tuesday 17th April

Tulips Tuesday 17th April and another almost there

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net April 2018 – In response to the photo challengeAwakening

8 thoughts on “Darling Buds of May, erm, April!

  1. The winter this year has been long and very wet and for many farmers it’s a disaster. Much of the land is too wet to turn out animals, the grass is slow to grow and the feed stocks are running low. For the Arable farmers the ground is too wet to plough and planting has been delayed or unlikely to take place. So around here the springtime clock is a little late this year. Except for the daffodils and tulips of course!


  2. Species tulips are awesome..they are the first to bloom and I like their striped leaves.

    It’s cool you had a live Christmas tree. I like evergreens but they don’t like me back especially in the spring when they blossom and release that sticky pollen that sets my lungs to spasm and my husband to cursing the sticky, yellow, sappy, pollen-y mess on the cars.

    It is nice though, the return of light and birdsong…and, occasionally, warmth.

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