Which way up?

“The reason I might forget something is because my mind is like a computer. I have so much useless stuff stored up in there, that when I forget to clean out my Mind’s Cache, it has no room for new information, like wearing pants!” ~James Hauenstein.

My friends and I often  joke about our bad memories, for instance, the room thing, but even worse when you forget where you’ve parked the car!

Today I topped the lot, literally…  So I suggest that when pouring morning coffee, you at least try to remember which way up the cup should be! 

In my defence, my bedroom was dimly lit and at 6.30AM I was still half asleep!

I could try memory improving techniques, though something tells me I could be in for the long haul!

© SueW-nansfarm.net April 2018 In response to the word-prompt Haul

8 thoughts on “Which way up?

    1. You’ve been there too? I kept staring at the cup feeling confused because the cup looked as though I’d overfilled it, but I knew I’d only just switched it on! I thought I was losing my mind. It was only when I noticed the upside down writing that I realised my mistake. All I can say is thank goodness I use a tray!


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