A walk on the dark side


How and why did we allow Social Media to become an instrument of animosity, nastiness, maliciousness and hate?

A re-blog of an article I wrote in November 2016. In some ways it’s a relevant post to follow the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook article I posted yesterday.

The dark side of social media

I joined Facebook in its relative infancy; it was a step up from ‘Friends Reunited’ a simple way of keeping in touch; regrettably, Facebook has evolved and not in a good way. There are games that I neither want to see nor participate in and advertising shown at its worst.

Facebook is no longer the happy little meeting place where we catch up with friends, have a giggle and a smile at photos old and new. It’s become a facilitating tool for venting individual displeasure, an outlet for cattiness, disparaging remarks and withering comments.

Mostly the comments are directed against people we have never met, celebrities, personalities and those with views different to our own; however, what many fail to grasp is that offensive comments made on Facebook and Twitter are poles apart from a face to face conversation. The moment the words are committed to print and published for all to see they take on a thoroughly different tone, and for the authors, they do no favours.

Recently, many of the comments on social media have become sinister in their nature. I refer here to the festering racism that is leaking into some of our communities. This hostile racism is fed by ignorance and fear. Ordinary people are beginning to write and share racist posts, making insulting comments about clothing and the religious beliefs of others, it’s done with arrogance and a belief that their own customs, their ways are somehow superior and of more importance than those who may be different to them and it’s carried out without shame or fear of consequence. Nevertheless, hatred is contagious, and the likely consequences may be ones that those responsible never envisaged and already I feel their disgrace.against-racism

Isn’t it time Facebook stepped up, ditch their inefficiency and impose appropriate sanctions on those who incite this type of hostility?

For now, I leave you with the delightful innocence of Thumper!

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12 thoughts on “A walk on the dark side

  1. Sadly, there are times when it is appropriate to say things, in media and everywhere else one can think of, which are as nasty as one can make them. These slate, for example, religions and ethnic groups with despicable customs. Ritual slaughter involving cruelty cannot be condoned, and silence is not appropriate.
    Racism and the media? This constant harping on it is like picking at a sore until it becomes infected and festers.
    I love the Thumper statement, though.


  2. gc

    The “dark side” of media is the new form of entertainment Susan.
    The 60 Minute interview with Stormy Daniels last Sunday evening captured an astounding number of curious viewers interested in the juicier side of the already salacious and immoral man occupying the seat of power.

    Trump’s rump was swatted a few naughty times by the perky yet pernicious female porn star who adamantly defends her position that the Trump campaign machine was trying to silence her by both monetary incentive and an alleged physical threat of harm to her young daughter.

    As long as folks are curious about the peccadillos of their fellow man then the dark side will control the media.

    May the farce be with them all.

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