March madness mobilizes White House

Monday morning and to kickstart the week I’m re-blogging another fine article from  The Main Hopefully, I will not make him blush when I say I’m sure you will agree that Gerry’s journalistic background expertly shines through each of his articles, and of course, skilfully delivered with his own personal brand of political satire!

On this occasion, however, my own self interest also plays a small role.

With what began as a spot of creative fun on my part, (me attempting to cheer him up during a recent illness) has culminated in a little video slot on his blog. My first attempt here at audio creativity is something we hope will become a regular feature, a joint project that we plan together.


“When we take the time to break free from the tyranny of Time and learn to listen to the sound of unspoken words, we discern the hot air behind the frenzy of the wheeling and dealing around. (“Wheeling and dealing »)” ― Erik Pevernagie

What do you do when you are a decorated three star general caught up in a flurry of imbecility White House activity in which staff firings have become a daily occurrence, your commander-in-chief is a world-wide laughing-stock and porn stars are threatening to reveal your boss’ short comings? You bide your time , be patient and hope that your loyalty to a losing cause will earn you that much coveted promotion and fourth star which will have you posted to a place far away from  the White House. The game is on. – gc

P A T I E N C E :  A  V I…

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2 thoughts on “March madness mobilizes White House

  1. gc

    I am greatly appreciative to Susan for making the time and exerting the effort to produce her addition to my (our) blog. Her wit, intelect and sense of fun shine through everything she does and does exceptionally well.

    The “Fish Tank” will hopefully be the first of many such entertaining additions to the site.

    Susan is a wonderful person, a dear friend and inspiration to me.

    Thank you my love for your efforts and encouragement. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments They are very much appreciated as are you. It’s an honour to have the project included on your site and I look forward to our partnership producing many more Thank you darling xxx 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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