And Virtuous?

Tong Garden centre 9

Definition of patience – Endurance, tolerance, perseverance, serenity; Well,  with my tongue firmly in my cheek I would say that sums me up very nicely!

I used to think that the impatiens flower was actually spelled impatience and I couldn’t help wondering why a flower would be named as such. Why would flowers be impatient?

So, in case you’ve also allowed your mind to wander and wonder, they take their name from the Latin, impatiens, meaning “impatient.”  And they are so called because when their ripe seed pods are touched they often burst open just as if they were impatient to open!

Talking of colourful flowers – I recently visited a garden centre with Elizabeth and Sophie, my two youngest daughters. While they wandered around enjoying the warmth of the indoor area, I took a stroll into the covered and much cooler outdoor room, where I took a number of photographs to add to the many others that I happily snapped that day.Tong Garden centre 10Tong Garden centre 2Tong Garden centre 11Tong Garden centre 12Tong Garden centre 6

(c) 2018 In response to the word-prompt Patience

10 thoughts on “And Virtuous?

  1. gc

    These days Susan many flowers are getting impatient waiting for bumble bees to come and pollinate them. The flowers need the bees and mankind needs the bees to keep everything running smoothly. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes not as many as there used to “Bee” Sorry love, couldn’t resist! So glad you like the photos, I took others on the day, who knows what I might do with them, you might even find the odd unusual one coming your way! xx 🙂


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