It’s what you make it

Home is where you can say anything you want because no one listens to you anyway!” 

Better still…  “Home is where the heart is you poop most comfortably!”

Today, Thursday 8th March is the 42nd anniversary of moving into my home. 

8th March 2018

I took this photograph this morning to commemorate this day

The photographic story below tells a little of our time here. Turn the clock back a few years and the faces may be a little different, but the pictures would be the same.  

HomeChildren playingGrandad and children collecting veg for sunday lunchThe boys in the tree

Boys will be boys

Not sure they should have been in here… but boys will be boys!

A snow day 8th March 2018

A final one from today

We arrived in our new home on one of the coldest days of the year. There was no kind note to welcome us, in fact, the welcome to our new house was one of the coldest anyone could experience.  

By the time our two toddlers arrived in the afternoon we were still unable to keep them warm. The previous owners had drained the tank of every drop of central heating oil. The fireplace grates had been removed, as had all the light fittings, we couldn’t even fit a light bulb.

By the end of the day, my late husband Graham had managed to secure fire grates, heating oil, table lamps and a coal delivery! Still in our twenties, I think we grew up that day.

Despite that miserable first day, moving here remains the best thing we ever did. It has been the most wonderful home for my family a place for our children and grandchildren to grow, live, work and play.

© 2018 In response to the photo challenge Story

12 thoughts on “It’s what you make it

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    1. On Graham’s first visit to the local pub he was told that the bloke (previous owner) had been in the pub bragging that we’d be in for a shock when we moved in! We were, it took six of us to clean the place. I agree, why would anyone be so unkind to a young family they hardly knew? Thank you very much Peter.

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