Mystically on the ground!

The conscience is the most flexible material in the world. Today you cannot stretch it over a mole hill; while tomorrow it can hide a mountain.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

The snow has melted and the awaited thaw has revealed that what I thought were hedgehog igloos are actually mounds of earth, mounds caused by the hidden activities of underground creatures, little beings that move within intricate tunnels beneath the earth, you might say almost out of this world!

What about those two eerie figures, are they from our world? Look closely and you might just catch a glimpse as they attempt to blend into the background behind this unusually large mole!IMG_7263

(C) 2018 – In response to the photo challenge Out of this world

14 thoughts on “Mystically on the ground!

  1. Soon they will grow and be goblin everything in sight!
    Actually, it is amazing how well camouflaged they are. Once seen they stand out, of course, but that first seeing takes some doing!

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