Owl and Mouse (10) Snowed in

The 10th in the Owl and Mouse series.


Oh look, it’s snowing outside. I’ll update my social status for all of my friends that don’t have a window of their own!

Here in my little corner of England, it’s Sunday and the time is approximately 5.30 pm. It’s snowy, foggy and I’ve become a little bored. It’s that time of day, the interim period where it’s not really afternoon, but it’s not evening either.

Earlier today, I cleaned up my slightly messy kitchen, fed the wild birds, and over a cup of coffee I watched the bigger ones foraging in the snow. Next I enjoyed lunch in a nearby hotel with my son, his treat.

So, to alleviate my boredom and seeing as it’s been a while, I think it’s time we had a little visit from my comic strip characters Owl and Mouse!

Owl and Mouse - Snowed in 1Owl and Mouse - Snowed in 2

Owl and Mouse - Snowed in 3

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(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018  In response to the word-prompt Messy

25 thoughts on “Owl and Mouse (10) Snowed in

    1. We’ve had rather a lot of the stuff this week. We are exposed and high up here and some of the drifts were quite deep. Woody our beagle became stuck a couple of times, but he loved it. Not sure how your little dog would have managed. To be honest, for most of the week I’ve acted as if I was snowed in! Thanks Margo.


      1. Thank you. I eventually worked out which one of you from a previous post about Woody our beagle and reading one of Regina’s about Bailey. Thank you Douglas, I have enjoyed reading your posts


      1. Yes Sue, that’s very cute, he’ll have his own tiny saddle atop my Dragons neck., yippee , away we all soar, defending crusaders of the sky, champions of the under-dogs(and mice).

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