Woody the beagle and a snowy day

CanadaSnow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.” ~ Earl Wilson

Being without central heating on the coldest days of the year isn’t to be recommended, it is, however, exactly what happened at our house last weekend.

Someone who shall remain nameless, forgot to check the oil tank, though in truth we’re all to blame. The four adults living in this house should have known better, and after forty two years of living here I should have known better than anyone else.

Two freezing days later (Monday morning 7.30 am) the oil tanker arrived. Unfortunately, the boiler wouldn’t restart, it was, therefore, another twelve hours before the boiler fired up again and when the temperatures dropped further, we were oh so very thankful to be warm again and just in time before the heavy snows arrived.

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13 thoughts on “Woody the beagle and a snowy day

    1. You are probably right Peter. The plumber couldn’t get here for 48 hours, but fortunately the son-in-law, who is new to oil, researched on line and fixed it. We made enquiries about gas. £48000.00 to bring it up to us. We declined!

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  1. Yes, we’ve been getting all the news about, over here, even in little old Geelong, Wow it’s so cold and so much snow, I’ll not be visiting until the snowmen give me the all-clear !!

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  2. gc

    Were you wearing snow shoes to keep up with Woody? It’s invigorating and refreshing to watch dogs frolicking in the deep snow. If only people could forget their cares and woes and run happily in the new fallen snow. Good post Susan. It perked up my spirits. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad I lifted your spirits love and gave you a little winter cheer. Woody is such fun to watch, though I can’t quite understand why he plunges his whole head into the snow. It was Victoria walking him on the lane and also her making car tracks by shovelling snow at 6.30am in her balaclava and hat and still wearing her PJs underneath her clothes! So pleased you liked the post, thank you Gerry 🙂


  3. Wow, thank goodness you got sorted in the end. It’s been absolutely bitter here in Norfolk – almost cut off due to snow drifts. Thankful for the thaw….it was lovely but a little bit scary at the same time.

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    1. Hello Selina, It has been very cold this week hasn’t it? We live very high up so the snow is still with us, as are some of the drifts.
      I imagine you’ve missed getting out and about on your lovely walks. I do enjoy reading about them.

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      1. I don’t think I have ever seen this much snow. Mixed in with blizzards and daily freezing its been quite an experience. Thankfully I am able to work from home. No walking for us this weekend as Tim has a cold – nicely timed eh!? Loved the film of your dog, so funny with his head in the snow.

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      2. Very well timed Tim, nicely done! It’s a long time since we’ve seen so much snow up here too. When the children were young our lane was frequently blocked by large drifts. Drivers taking a short cut to the village would abandon their vehicles after becoming stuck and this meant the snow plough was unable to get through to clear the lane. The children loved it, finally being allowed to play in the middle of the road! It snowed again overnight so I’m more than relieved I did a food shop yesterday. So glad you liked the clips of Woody he has provided us with much entertainment this week.
        Stay warm and dry Selina 🙂

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      3. It has just started raining here on the Norfolk coast and I’m starting to see the road again. Sue – this thaw might just start moving up north soon. Take care.

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