Man’s Best Friend

Once a week, Mrs P vacuums up all the dog hair in her house. When she has finished the sofa, she will do the carpets, inside the oven, the washing machine and between the pages of her book. As she coughed up a hair ball, Mrs P wondered how it had got there! ” ~ The Dog – A Ladybird Book

Mrs P is lucky, she should try living in my house!

A dog is man’s best friend or so they say.  I now understand why they say MAN and not woman, because most of my day is spent cleaning up the dog hairs from the floor.

Previous to the canine purchase, the eldest daughter did her research and assured me that beagles are medium shedders, well, if he’s a medium one I would hate to share my home with a large one!  (I’d actually asked for a designer dog, a non-shedder!).

I’ve had dogs all my life and keeping them off furniture wasn’t always easy to do. So I suppose I should be grateful that Woody the beagle has been easier to train than most. Woody knows he’s not allowed to share furniture, our beds, or  go upstairs.

2017-12-10 08.45.32

Please let me come upstairs!

Woody is delighted to receive a chew stick, but he wants to bury it, after all, a dog never knows when the cats from next door might congregate in his living room and attempt to steal it.Woody and a bone

This is Lyttelton, he is confused. There are two non-dogs in his bedroom. Now his bedroom will smell of the non-dogs. Lyttelton will have to make his bedroom smell nice again by peeing all over it.” IMG_7119

Woody loves the sunhine and follows it from window to window. He also enjoys fetching and reading the morning mail before we do!

Beano dreams he has been invited to a party to celebrate the defeat of the human oppressor. “Those fools,” laughs the cat in charge. “How did they not guess we had been planning their overthrow for tens and thousands of years? Why did they think we agreed to live in their awful,hot homes?IMG_7124

Beano doesn’t understand the politics, but he is delighted to be allowed up on the furniture.





Best dog hair removing tool… Ever! 2018 In response to the word-prompt Congregate

Quotes and clipart from the Lady Bird Book The Dog-How it works.

18 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. Such a fun post and a cute dog. We have two cats … the pet hair is a nightmare. Best investment of late was a “pet blanket” for our couch. I think my daughter found it at Target. It definitely collects the hir but the nice thing is we can pull it off and tuck it away when guests come over instead of spending forever vacuuming.

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    1. Ha ha., like that, but seriously that’s what my others dogs did Ray, just the twice. Over the years we had 2 German shepherds, 2 Springers, 3 Border collies and a couple of rescue dogs. You have me thinking now, perhaps we need the vet to have a look at him. Thanks Ray.

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    1. Thank you so much Ivor. He is rather gorgeous isn’t he? we got him when he was eight weeks old and now he’s just over two. He spends his days with me and his evenings with the daughter and family next door. It works really well. 🙂

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  2. gc

    Love the article Susan and the photos. Woody loves to mug for the camera and I bet his general disposition is playful, inquisitive and of course charming. His antics remind me of the playful side of the Jack Russell “Eddie” on the show “Frasier”. Thank you for sharing this animated and lively article. It is a doggone good one. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful post. We had a wonderful beagle mix named Bailey. I would have told you that I was not a dog person until everything I came to fully understand God’s love from my interactions with that beautiful dog who loved us so much. When he wet in the house, I would say that’s a no-no. Then, I would clean it up, love on Bailey, and forget it. I never kept score. He was a joy. We decided not to get another pet because we want to travel, but also the pain of separation is just too great to chance it again. We moved in with my husband’s parents, and his father would not let Bailey stay. He went to a family with children, and we visited him at first, but then, he was so confused, so we finally let go for hi. To bond with his new family. Thanks for the picture of your dog.

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