When the fun stops

“I log off because I’m bored, I log back in again in five minutes because I’m bored!”Boredom-Quotes-17

Hairdryer? Now that does sound like fun!

Do you ever think you might be enjoying yourself too much and it could be a bad thing?

Not that I’m enrolling in the school of doom and gloom, but yesterday I asked my friend if he thought we were becoming boring. Not in a nasty way, more of a passing comment.

I think what I really meant was that after such a busy and enjoyable birthday week with friends and family, and celebrations that lasted until Saturday night, I was now feeling bored with nothing planned for this week and nothing to talk about except doing the laundry and what I’m intending to cook for supper!

I have concluded that perhaps it’s not such a good idea to enjoy life too much, it’s a bit of a come down when you stop!

This morning I told another friend, Ivor, that I envied his Australian sunshine and that I was looking forward to warmer weather, longer days and a springtime breeze to blow away my winter blues, so he sent me this lovely song that comes with some gorgeous images.  Thank you so much Ivor.

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12 thoughts on “When the fun stops

  1. I’ve got no hair-dryer, I’ve got no hair, but I do have battery drills in my work car that have the same effect. And I also have lots of orange witches hats, that I use to save my parking spots for when I go off to lunch. I come back after a salad roll and a beer, and yeah !! my bright orange witches hats have saved my spot….. I love Tom Wait’s music, and you can’t hold back spring. xx

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