Beam me up!

Always look up

If governments are involved in covering up the knowledge of aliens, then they are doing a much better job of it than they seem to do at anything else!” ~ Stephen Hawkin.

The sunshine yesterday was playing tricks with the camera lens, which led me to wonder whether it was beaming down or beaming up?

Either way, my imagination was in overdrive when I looked at this shot. Taken yesterday from the first floor balcony of my Harrogate hair salon.
They're Here

In this birthday week of pleasurable pampering, I chose yesterday to visit my hair salon

Love Hearts 2Today I offer thanks in profusion to my wonderful hair stylist of fourteen years for giving me this little token of affection and I also thank the staff of the salon ‘& Hair’ in Harrogate for allowing me a little Me time upstairs.& Hair 5

Needless to say, I couldn’t resist going out onto the balcony and appreciating the rear view of some of the lovely old stone buildings, the front view, not seen here is an array of delightful, not to be missed, small specialist shops, bars and cafes.

& Hair 2& Hair 1 and pointer Zoom in on the above picture and follow the red line. Can you see what I see? 

© 2018  In response to the word-prompt Profuse

8 thoughts on “Beam me up!

  1. Same thing with all those conspiracy theories. Imagine all the people and governments involved in not having the holocaust, not landing on the moon, faking the deaths of John Kennedy/Robert Kennedy/Martin Luther King Jr/Elvis Presley/John Lennon/Insert your favorite dead person’s name. And it’s all on YouTube. The government can hide all that stuff but can’t get a simple video removed from YouTube?………..LOL

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