Thank You and Goodbye

When life shuts a door, open it again, it’s a door and that’s how they work!” – “If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining!” ~ unknown

This has not only been a weekend of pre-birthday celebrations, but also one that was tinged with sadness.

Yesterday, with my eldest daughter Victoria and 200 others, I attended a church service to say goodbye and thank you to a dear friend,  Revd Janice who is retiring as vicar of our village church. animated-goodbye-clipart-1

I never liked the idea of lady vicars, it was akin to ruining my idea of God the father by telling me He is a she, when I’m really only partial to father figures.

Twelve years ago Janice arrived at the vicarage, along with her blue eye shadow, bright pink nail polish, flowing blonde hair, a husband who resembled a teddy boy with his tight jeans, pointed winkle picker shoes and black leather jacket and their family of four teenagers.

Needless to say Janice and Keith came as a shock to some of our older residents in this typical middle class English village. To some of us, however, Janice was a breath of fresh air and as one newish resident said yesterday – Edgy!

Janice, one of the most down to earth, enthusiastic, funniest, warmest people I know, brought the young people back to the church and she became one of the most popular vicars our village has seen.

She and I ran the after school Kids club together, an alternative to Sunday school that we held once a week at the school where I worked.

Janice became our friend, and when my husband was ill we were grateful for her unending support and friendship.

My daughter Victoria, ran the church toddler group, and later with a friend, she ran the St Giles Brownie pack. Then there was messy church where a hundred or so youngsters came together for arts and crafts and a service.

St Giles ChurchDuring my husband’s funeral, Janice provided us with a wonderful rousing service, but she surprised many when despite her attempt to stifle it, she broke down and wept. Yesterday many of us did the same.

Janice, you will be a very hard act to follow – and I thank you.

PS. During the sermon yesterday, Janice told us not to put off what we can say and do today, because tomorrow we might not be here! Well, if you read my blog yesterday you may understand why I thought she was preaching just to me!

© 2018   In response to the word-prompt Stifle

20 thoughts on “Thank You and Goodbye

  1. We also have a lady who was a friend (colleague) of Much Better Half before she became a vicar, but who later baptised both our grandchildren in South Africa. Like you, I found the concept of a lady vicar rather strange, but we got used to it. Also, a favourite fictional character, Merrily Watkins, reinforced the idea, especially being (as was our friend) involved in Deliverance (an Exorcist!). She retired after being vicar at one of the Plymouth churches.


    1. Our previous vicar performed an exorcism on one of our bedrooms. The room was always icy cold and my children would only ever sleep in there two at a time, never alone. When the eldest reported an old woman sitting on her bed I asked our previous vicar to visit. The room warmed up and the youngest my son was happy to sleep alone there. Today it has French doors onto a new balcony, is bright and light, always warm and has become my upstairs sitting room.

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      1. Amazing. That vicar was, presumably, appointed to Deliverance by the bishop. They do come across some scary stuff, and it makes the people who claim it is all superstitious nonsense seem a bit out of touch!

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      2. I didn’t realise the church would take it seriously, it was only when discussing the room with a friend that I learned they did and it was she who mentioned it to the vicar and he contacted me.

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      3. Well there are two sofas, but as yet I’ve not felt her presence. I remember asking the previous owner when she came to visit if anyone had died in the house and she answered – Why what have you seen?

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