Birds of a Feather

Golden Acre 1
Think outside, no box is required!” ~ unknown 

I’m simple, I love hiking and going to the gym, just simple stuff. I love being outdoors and bike riding” ~ Lea Michele.   Me? I don’t like the gym and I fell off my bike too often!

Thursday morning – The night before I’d enjoyed a couple (I wasn’t counting) glasses of red wine and had conversed into the early hours with my friend from over the pond, but when daybreak arrived far too early I thought it was Friday and completely forgot about my usual Thursday day out with fourth daughter Sophie.

When Elizabeth, my third daughter rang and suggested the three of us take a walk in the fresh air to blow the cobwebs away, I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed.

Golden Acre Park is less than a ten minute drive from home and a wonderful place to spend an hour or so. Unfortunately, I wore inappropriate shoes for the water logged park (we’ve had a lot of rain lately) , so why didn’t the girls remind me to wear boots?IMG_1819

Parking up at Golden Acre we were met with the trill  of a multitude of water birds,  The fresh air was akin to a tonic, but I would have welcomed a second cup of coffee.

A number of the residents, the birds of a feather were happy to pose for our pictures.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 19.14.34

The one above and the two below are screen shots from my video footage and in some ways  remind me of oil paintings

Screenshot 2018-01-25 19.16.01Screenshot 2018-01-25 19.16.17

Golden Acre 3SONY DSC


A whole lake to enjoy and these two choose a puddle!

Golden Acre 2

This one is a long way from his South American roots


I can see an owl in this tree, can you?

© 2018

Linked to the photo challenge Variations on a theme and the word-prompt Trill

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