Mrs Gadget

I love my computer because my friends live in it!” ~ unknown

I changed my password to ‘incorrect. That way when  forget it, it always reminds me, Your password-is-incorrect.” ~unknown

My former Head-teacher, (in my workplace not my schooldays) gave me the nickname of Mrs Gadget, but I wasn’t the wife of Inspector Gadget and certainly not Mr Gadget.

My other half was the least likely person to fill the home with gadgets; anything I suggested was likely to be met with the response, “What do you want one of those for?”

Nevertheless, come Christmastime, there was often a surprise in my Christmas sack, my husband might not have known what it was, but it was a sure bet that one of our girls would have instructed him to find out and purchase!

After my husband died, the tradition of giving me a Christmas extra, a gadget surprise, was taken on by Victoria, my eldest daughter. These days, however, it’s usually of a domestic nature, but always welcomed. The latest of which is here, a gift I hadn’t asked for, but has proved to be extremely useful, especially on Christmas day when I cooked and mashed potatoes for twenty of us.

Potato masher

I adore gadgets, and what we often refer to as new technology. Anything remotely connected to computing would find a home with me, both in and on my desk and I never stopped looking to see what was coming next, what was on the horizon.

My Head-teacher was usually accommodating and if I could prove its usefulness I could have it.

It’s over twenty years since I began working with computers in school, and back then there was only one machine per classroom. The Head-teacher at the time was not a forward thinking man and fought hard against change and the advent of the computing age.

Eventually, with a new Head-teacher in place, we installed two suites of computers plus a couple more for each classroom. I was delighted to be appointed IT manager and even more so when I discovered I would now be teaching all year groups.

An admin colleague and I assisted on setting up a school website, and I set up a school learning platform, also known as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Under the guidance of our head-teacher, our school became a high profile school, a teaching school where we not only offered placements to teacher trainees, we also advised staff from other schools. During this time I was asked by the city Education Department if I would create and pilot a new VLE, visit other schools and assist in rolling it out. It was a proud moment for me and one of my best school memories.

Despite the latest technology, I still have one of my earliest gadgets, my portable floppy disk drive. I sort of hoped that one day I might need to read what was on those old floppies, but it’s a long time since I needed to use it!

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19 thoughts on “Mrs Gadget

    1. Replied to this when you made your comment but it didn’t post – It’s 3.5 Peter. I still have a box of floppies too, both used and new. Perhaps I might get them out and see what’s on them. Thanks Peter.

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  1. Oh my, I am so backward with my insufficient knowledge of computers, “Floppy” ??. And at the moment I’m trying to send a manuscript to a book publishing contest in America, and its not working for me…. Help I cry !!!! Just as well I’m going to Ballarat today to watch my niece April sing in a concert this evening. Staying overnight, and i’ll see my whizzo computer expert brother, and he’ll help me out in the morning !!


    1. Hello Ivor, The floppy disk was a portable storage system that was used before the days of the CD, memory sticks and these days the cloud. Very small storage capacity, but a much needed way of storing and transporting documents.
      You are not backward Ivor, I am a firm believer of learning what we need to know at the time. Thank you Ivor 🙂

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      1. Thanks Sue I tried the zip folder, but publishers submit box was only acceting pdf style file……. don’t worry, whizzo brother shall show me the way tomorrow. I so appreciate your help and concern.

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      2. Assuming it was written in Microsoft Word. Open your manuscript, save it again using Save As. Click the arrow at the bottom right, choose PDF from the list and save. 🙂


  2. gc

    I wonder if your former supervisor would have insisted that you purchase an abacus to do complicated math since it worked well for so many years.

    I miss the floppy disk as well but also love the portability that the 3.5 format also offers.

    I guess I am like you and welcome those “innovations” that are functional and practical.

    A number of years ago I finally got rid of my Apple IIC computer.

    I remember typing in long lines of code from computer magazines such as Nibble and realizing that buying the software is a lot more economical than typing in lines and lines of machine code.

    Hopefully one day Susan you will be able to discover what was placed on the floppies.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. If only I could remember where I put those floppies I might find out!

      Some years ago one of my electives at university was computing and one of the tasks was to create a website. We weren’t allowed to use software, which meant we had to learn the code. I was proud of my effort but I was mortified to read the tutor’s feedback on my project.

      “This project, although excellent has all the hallmarks of a Microsoft product, therefore the marks awarded reflect my disappointment.”

      I did not cheat, it was all my own hard work, and despite being wrongly accused, the combined total marks awarded at the end of this module gave me the highest marks in the class.

      Thank you for your comments love, they’re appreciated 🙂

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