It works like this…

Lisa has been shopping, but now she thinks she may have forgotten something.  Lisa is right she has forgotten her daughter. She left her playing on an iPad in Argos over an hour ago!

A few weeks ago, I nodded knowingly and sympathised with three of my daughters when they spoke about the lack of privacy when you have children and are no longer able to have time to yourself.

Yesterday, as I browsed my book-shelves, I was reminded of this conversation when I spotted this book ‘How it Works – The Mum.’  Today I’ve included a couple of passages from the book.

When Debbie was single, Debbie had nightmares about being left alone and unwanted. For the last three years, someone has called for her every two minutes and watched her every time she has taken a bath or sat on the toilet. Debbie now dreams of being left alone and unwanted, even for just a few minutes.

Little hats

This week,  daughter Sophie found a new use for the inside of the kitchen roll; mini hats pictured here, and I wondered if her eventual aim might be to put them to good use and make her own version of the dolly pictured below. She would, however, need to make a few loopholes! On the other hand she could be making winter hats for the leprechauns!

Mums are good at making things from whatever is lying around the house. Cathy made this dolly from the corks of six bottles of Pinot Grigio that were lying around her house. One of the things that is now lying around the house is Cathy!

Wine Bottle Dolly

I wondered if it would work if I replaced the cotton reels with screw caps, I’m ashamed to say I have an abundance of these!

© 2018    Linked to the word-prompt Loophole

The quotes here are taken from the Lady Bird Book ‘How it Works – The Mum

4 thoughts on “It works like this…

  1. gc

    I bet many mums are ambidextrous and know how to create many things from scraps and nothing. Men are too busy with their work to allow their at home inactive imaginations run rampant and create things that mums do naturally. I am sure you are quite adept at being creative on the spur of the moment. 🙂

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