Cows and I are a lot alike!

“I only need three things in life:  Food, Wi-Fi and sleep!  

Cows and I are a lot alike in the sense that we both stay in the same place and eat for six hours straight! – I’m not hungry, but, I am bored. Therefore I shall eat!”  ~

It was one of those restless days, the kind where you do only what is necessary before becoming bored. A mooching kind of day, where the TV goes on and it goes off. You pick up a book and put it down, a little bit of cooking and then you’re bored again.

Then I spotted a book on the shelf that I hadn’t seen for a while and after wondering how it had managed to escape my notice these past three years, I picked it up – ‘The Origins and Meanings of Our Favourite Expressions’

Not something I would normally make a study of, but, why not give it a go.

  • Ragtag and Bobtail – the rabble, or great unwashed, a derogatory term for the lower classes.
  • My old Dutch – A term for wife or partner. Dutch being short for Duchess and  originating from Cockney slang.
  • Pig in a poke – to buy something unseen, a blind purchase and often worthless.
  • Rock and Roll  – this phrase was originally Black American slang for sexual intercourse. Phew… am I glad that not many people over here knew that!
  • Beer and sandwiches – a phrase originally coined when this meal was consumed in the 1970s, during informal negotiation meetings between politicians and the trade unionists. Food deemed suitable for the cloth cap brigade!

Talking of food, before I became restless and bored, I enjoyed a long and leisurely breakfast at a nearby hotel with daughter Elizabeth, her partner Alistair and their two little ones.

I love hotel breakfasts and even more so when it’s Monday morning and there is no other reason, other than a daughter who wants to give you an early morning treat.

For someone who frequently skips breakfast, I ate rather a lot today. The delightful continental buffet starter was a veritable feast for sure and I was spoilt for choice.

The second course, though this could be classed as the fourth, was a full English, but I did make allowances here and chose a smaller size, and even then I wasn’t finished. The final course of the morning and I’ve lost count of how many, was toast with marmalade finished off with a mug of coffee. By the time we left the restaurant I think the waitresses were waiting to serve lunch!

Beer and a sandwich

Needless to say, I skipped my lunch and my evening meal could well turn out to be a simple meal of beer and sandwiches… after all I am a Yorkshire lass.

© Sue 2018  In response to the word-prompt Study

16 thoughts on “Cows and I are a lot alike!

  1. gc

    Moo(ve) over Susan Many people have the type of day you had today.

    I enjoy those types of buffet that offer a wide variety from which to choose.

    Being the first one to the dessert section is my favorite occupation especially if it is a yummy Jello mould or a tasty marshmallow based dessert.

    Bon appetite. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Full English breakfasts are amazing. I always wonder how these frail little old ladies can dig their way through a pile of food which would give protection from small arms fire without bursting all their ancient seams.

    Liked by 1 person

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