Just follow the instructions!

Getting lost is not a waste of time, to travel is to evolve” ~ Pierre Bernard

English is funny language, a Fat chance and a Slim chance are the same thing!”     ~ Jack Herbert

Today I read an amusing article written by Margo at  That Little Voice on the subject of learning to speak another language.  A comment on the article from my fellow Brit, David at Davidoaksimages, where he spoke about regional accents, evoked some interesting memories that stem from my son Joss’s university days in Newcastle, further North than us here in Yorkshire and where the people are known as Geordies.

My late husband and I made regular visits to Newcastle, taking with us the usual stuff, food, money, money and more money!  One weekend I made the journey with one of our daughters instead. As some of you know, driving holds no problems for me, I just point the car in the right direction and go.

Sophie: You do know where you’re going don’t you mum?

Me: Yes of course I do, it’s straight up the A1 (Motorway) Dad and I have done this lots of times!

True to my word, I headed up the A1 without difficulty, arrived in Newcastle and headed for the student area of Jesmund.  So far, so good, and then it happened, I took a wrong turn (it could happen to anyone). I attempted to correct my mistake but found myself on a one way street.

Ten minutes later and we were completely lost, not only that, but the streets were eirily empty of inhabitants, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Driving around and scanning the streets for natives, I spotted a Morrison’s Supermarket, Bingo! We had found civilisation, well, Morrison’s at least.

Parking up, I jumped out of the car and cheerfully accosted a man with a trolley. I explained I was lost and needed to carve out a new route and asked for directions to the street I was looking for. He gave a broad smile, pointed South (I think) and began to explain exactly where I needed to be, every so often I nodded and smiled in appreciation. The directions took a long time to explain and eventually I thanked him and got back in the car.

Sophie: That took a long time, what did he say?

Me: I’ve absolutely no idea, I couldn’t understand a word he said!

Talking of Morrison’s supermarket, we called there today,  Yorkshire not Newcastle, and Sophie took this photo, so we were wondering if anyone could explain the sign to us, because we were a little puzzled between the difference of a stay of three hours and a stay between 8.00pm and 11.pm.Car Park Sign

© Sue W-nansfarm.net 2018. Linked to the word-prompt Carve

12 thoughts on “Just follow the instructions!

  1. After deep study I conclude that if you arrive at seven you can only stay until ten. You have to arrive at eight to qualify for the eleven departure. Why that ruling applies is beyond me.

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    1. Well, after giving it a bit of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that between the hours of eight and eleven, if you vacate the car park you may return within the normally banned two hour limit. Maybe!

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