Old Year’s Night


We are in the last month of the year, just thought I should thank everyone who made me smile this year.. You are one of them, so here’s a big THANK YOU!” ~ Rishikajain.

Cheers everyone!

I once knew someone who frequently referred to New Year’s Eve as Old Year’s Night. I suppose whichever term is used, it more or less depends on how we perceive the day. Are we focusing on the year ahead or are we looking back at the one that is almost at an end?

Yesterday I was presented with this Prophesy, but I can’t help wondering if it’s belated, if 2018 should read 2017, maybe I should have had this a year ago.File 31-12-2017, 10 39 03

During the last 12 months I received two propositions, the first came at the end of last year and the second came just a couple of weeks ago. The first I turned down because I preferred to be alone and the last one came too late.

At the start of this year, a friendship developed into a relationship, it just happened, it crept up on me unexpectedly with no chance to say thanks, but no thanks, even now I often have to pinch myself and ask how the heck did that happen?

CLOCKSo, as we approach tomorrow, a brand new year, I shall let it creep up on me without expectation, but before it unfurls, I’d like to say thank you for today, for yesterday, and for the year that is about to conclude.

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8 thoughts on “Old Year’s Night

      1. Thank you Ivor and for me too. Keep the music coming and I’ll see you tomorrow when we catch up with you and the rest of Australia in 2018. Happy New Year 🍸🍸🙂


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