Is it all over for fifty shades of grey?

“Come, let’s have a bath.” the bath is a white stone, deep, egg shaped affair, very designer.”~  from that book!

A Bath

Is it over for Grey? That was the heading of an article I recently read. But what about those of us who haven’t yet reached grey, what about those of us who are still on beige? Not to mention those people who haven’t even reached beige yet

Sorry to disappoint, but I am not debating the latest erotic book. I am referring here to an article on Houzz,the web site and online community that discusses interior design, designer trends, decorating, and general home improvement.

I have (unknowingly) given a slight nod towards recent trends; the colour of my kitchen walls are similar to that of a large African elephant, the offical name is ‘Elephants Breath’ which unsurprisingly is a greyish beige/beigey grey.

Talking of beige, it can be a useful colour for a sofa, and very practical when it has a small brown fleck running through it, and especially when a grandson with a bar of contraband chocolate in his back pocket, sits on it for half an hour. The melted chocolate cleaned up a treat (see what I did there?) but had the sofa been of the plain grey variety, the outcome of the melted chocolate incident would have been a slightly different story.

The previous sofas were electronically adjustable, brown leather, wipe clean, and what a bonus that was, and also very comfortable.

Their predecessors were floral and reminiscent of a bygone era, so much so that visitors half expected to hear the air raid warning sirens when they entered my home. To give you a better idea perhaps I should confess that all that was missing was the big brown wireless.

An Interior DesignSo, if you are in the market for new sofas/settee/couch or even a chair, I should bypass grey, that way you’ll be bang on trend, but first check out Houzz, after all, you’ll need to know what’s coming next! And if there’s nothing there that tickles your fancy you could always try floral. I like floral!

© Sue 2017  Linked to the word-prompt Confess

Footnote:  The colour gray is spelt GREY in the UK

10 thoughts on “Is it all over for fifty shades of grey?

    1. I’m somewhere in between, I hide as much as possible out of sight. I loved the leather sofas (Sophie has them now) but after Graham died and Victoria and family moved in we extended the house. Joshua and I moved into one side of it into what I suppose could be described as an annex. Unfortunately, the leather sofas were too big and bulky for either my new open plan kitchen or the sitting room, but at least they’ve gone to a good home.

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  2. It just so happens that Younger Daughter, in another bout of her compulsive online shopping madness, has just bought a grey suite consisting of a couch, two chairs and a table, which all came out of a box for me to assemble. They fit in well with two (grey) sleeper couches which a while back did ditto..

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    1. IKEA? Another blogging friend friend reported a while back that the grey IKEA sofa was the most comfortable and sturdy of all. Eldest daughter has grey sofas sitting in her very white kitchen and they look very good. Funny how these girls never call on partners or husbands, always Dad. Enjoy it Leslie

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