The here, the now and the bygone

“Life is too short… Love the people who treat you right, and forget the people who don’t.” ~ unknown

As our Christmas preparations come to a close, some of us might take a moment , whether intentional or not to reflect upon Christmases past. We remember our loved ones, the family who are no longer here and the friends who once shared our lives.

My children and I remember my parents, who were always known as Nanny and Poppy.  They played a huge part in our lives, especially at Christmas, and of course we remember the children’s dad.

My life with Graham wasn’t always a bed of roses, but you learn to accept and deal with the hand you are dealt, the good with the bad.Today, four years on,  I don’t love Graham any less, but I have someone else in my life, I have Gerry, and I will be eternally grateful to him for bringing me back into the light.

I was torn whether to name him here, but he deserves the recognition of someone who during the past year has given me continuous love and support and in return, I have and will continue to support him through his own problems in life,  because we’re never what we seem and most of us have something problematic lurking in our background, and sometimes the person who’s been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for them.

Today I received my usual Christmas hamper, a small token of remembrance from the Grand Order of water Rats.

My husband was in show business and a member of the ‘Grand Order of Water Rats’ which is an exclusive British entertainment industry fraternity and charitable organisation, based in London. The order is known for its high-profile membership and benevolent works.

Membership is limited to 180 long-serving male members of the entertainment industry plus 20 Companion Rats, including the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles. Some Water Rats are household names but many are not, but all must be respected and trusted by their peers. Joining the Order is an exclusive and complicated process.

Graham was very proud to be accepted into this order, and deservedly so because he worked tirelessly for charity throughout his show business career and I am thankful that they remember him and acknowledge me.

Right now, I’m thinking about those friends both in and out of show business, the ones whom I thought were not only his friends but also mine, the ones whose Christmas cards no longer arrive, the ones who didn’t say goodbye at the wake. At the same time I am so very thankful to those who take the time to phone, write personal messages or call in and say Happy Christmas. I especially thank Colin, Carl, Johnny, Jimmy and James G for their support thoughout the last four years.

(c) Sue 2017  In response to the daily wordprompt Torn

12 thoughts on “The here, the now and the bygone

  1. gc

    Good evening my love,

    I am glad you named me in this blog article.

    You gave me support, encouragement and optimism to face the future.

    I thank you for being you and adding much to my life.

    My current medical situation is a strain but I am confident it will soon pass.

    Love you always and ever. xxxxxx

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  2. Hi Sue, I found your article heartwarming, informative and interesting. I sort of felt like the old wise owl, knowingly nodding in agreement with your Christmas time reminiscing and those old time friends that have come and gone, as I associated and empathised with your story. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and Gerry…xxxx

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    1. Good Morning Ivor and Happy Christmas!

      Here it is 8.10pm on 24.12.17. You are ahead of us and already it is Christmas Day with you. Right now my family and I are enjoying Christmas Eve together and My 15 year old grandson who is in a band has just watched this video with me and loved it and is sending the link to his fellow band mates.

      Have a super day Ivor, xxx


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