A Victorian Christmas

Harewood House, the home of the Earl and Countess of Harewood, is a mere five miles from my home and over the years I’ve visited many times.IMG_5646IMG_5752In 2011 the eighth Earl of Harewood succeeded his father, who was a first cousin of our Queen, Elizabeth II and was in the line of succession to the British Throne.

Yesterday, as part of my pre-Christmas treats from my eldest daughter Victoria, we visited Harewood where we were miraculously transported back in time to the Victorian Christmases of Harewood’s past. The Victorians began our Christmas traditions,  turkey, plum pudding, Christmas crackers and mulled wine, though it was however, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband whom we should be thanking for much of this, including our colourful woodland displays.

Two of the rooms today were dressed especially to showcase the toys of  Victorian children.

We explored state rooms and kitchens, which were dressed by Michael Howells, the award-winning Set Designer from the television series Victoria, which used Harewood House as a major location.

Victoria and me at HarewoodTaking advantage of the mirror for a selfie was something we couldn’t resist!

The next photograph is Adam, the first man, we found him in the main entrance hall and couldn’t help wondering whether we should be congratulating Eve or commiserating with her. IMG_5696I sincerely apologise for our humourous, sometimes crude and on occasion, raucous approach to certain areas of life.

Harewood, including the 1000 acre landscaped grounds and the 100 acre garden is steeped in an interesting history. Today, however, I’m not going down my usual historical route,  I’m simply going to invite you to view the photo album below.

(c) Sue W-nansfarm.net  2017 In response to the word-prompt Miraculous

Music Credit: from the album Christmas Carols with unspecified artists

6 thoughts on “A Victorian Christmas

  1. Absolutely wonderful. Was the choice of venue/present because of, in spite of, or regardless of eldest daughter’s name?
    It is Adam I feel sorry for, having all that equipment swinging around! In fact, he’d have to avoid turning abruptly in narrow places.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Leslie, very funny on all counts! My Victoria chose the venue because she knew it was something I’d enjoy. Harewood’s kitchen has always been part of the tour, but this is the first year they’ve done the Victorian Theme, which was obviously inspired by the filming of Victoria. As for Adam I’ve not seen him before.


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