Owl and Mouse (8) Christmas Prep

The 8th in the Owl and Mouse Comic Strip Series

“Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year.   Okay, some of the time.    Once in awhile.     Never mind, I’ll buy my own presents!”    Dear Santa,  Define Good! 

Owl and Mouse do Christmas 1Owl and Mouse do Christmas 2Owl and Mouse do Christmas 3Owl and Mouse do Christmas 4Owl and Mouse do Christmas 5Owl and Mouse do Christmas 6Owl and Mouse do Christmas 7Owl and Mouse do Christmas 8Owl and Mouse do Christmas 9Owl and Mouse do Christmas 10

PLEASE NOTE: Christmas is cancelled. Apparently, someone told Santa they’d been good this year!

© Sue W-nansfarm.net 2017   In response to the word-prompt Calling

11 thoughts on “Owl and Mouse (8) Christmas Prep

      1. Found it Ivor! I was doing my usual multi tasking, sorry. I love it as I always do with your poetry. Some of the responses were hilarious, but I daren’t add mine! 🙂


    1. I like that one. I’ve whittled down my list this year. A friend from over 30 years ago who moved to Scotland still sends a card addressed to Mr and Mrs. I’ve informed her of Graham’s death for the last four years. So I’m now striking her off. Then there are those I thought of as old ‘friends’ who seem to have taken me off their list since he died. So this year I got tough.

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