Ghosts, Mulled Wine and a German Christmas

Christmas Fireplace

“Lessons from a Christmas Tree – Be a light in the darkness; We all fall over sometimes; You can never wear too much glitter; Bring Joy to others; Sparkle and twinkle as often as possible; It’s okay to be a little tilted.” ~ Jane Lee Logan

Last week, with my youngest daughter Sophie, I visited the medieval city of York for a spot of Christmas shopping.

Having driven the thirty miles to York on an icy and bitter cold morning,  my car slid into the Park and Ride car park (parking lot), and thankfully, without hitting any of the stationary vehicles.

A short while later, as our ‘Park and Ride’ bus approached the city centre, Sophie and I were deep in meaningless conversation and when a number of passengers arose from their seats, we joined them and left the bus. Seconds later,  we realised we’d got off the bus too soon and had absolutely no idea where we were!

I took charge and announced we needed to cross the main road and walk up the hill. The footpath (sidewalk) was icy underfoot and having watched a lady lose her footing and slide to the ground, Sophie and I linked arms in an effort to keep each other upright.

The hill turned out be a long circular road and fifteen minutes later we found ourselves back where we started, but still on our feet! Sophie wondered why, given my history of poor navigation, she had trusted me to take charge, and now suggested we follow the bus route, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of that!

Eventually, and with some relief, we found ourselves in the familiar surroundings of the quaint old streets of York.

The market area was a hive of activity, Hot food and roasted chestnuts were on offer as was mulled wine and on specialist stalls were samples of alcohol.

We shopped on the narrow Shambles (the oldest street in England) and on Stonegate,  we visited the magnificent German Christmas Shop, Ah what bliss!


The shop splendidly highlights the magic of Christmas; it sparkles, shines, glitters and glows from every nook and cranny. Not one iota of space is left empty, it is without a doubt, a grotto personified.

My photos cannot hope to do justice to this wonderful display of Christmas, but nonetheless, I urge you not to leave this page without first taking a look.

Lunch was enjoyed at the Punchbowl, a pub that boasts no less than three resident ghosts! Fortunately, on this occasion, the eerie presence remained unnoticed.


Our last stop of the day was to York Minster. We were asked if we’d like to climb the 240 steps and visit the tower, we declined! However, the entrance ticket is another one of those where we can return several times throughout the year, which is something we have vowed to do in early Spring, when hopefully, the weather will be a little warmer.


A panoramic sweep from my phone camera, apologies for the wonky bits.

 “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

© Sue 2017  In response to the word-prompt Bliss  All Photos are my own and taken 14.12.17

Music Credit:  Oh Tannembaum from the album Natal for babies

10 thoughts on “Ghosts, Mulled Wine and a German Christmas

  1. We loved York and everything about it on our one and only visit. We were even cordially invited to meet the Lord Mayor but declined regretfully as we had to dash on to Scotland. This is true; we revealed that we were owners of an XJ6 when we came across a Jaguar rally there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My late hubby used to have an XJ6 and wasn’t very pleased when I borrowed it and managed to scrape the gatepost. A bit of a puzzle really because the gatepost looked fine to me!


  2. Sophie

    A wonderfully festive and fantastic day mum, thank you!! I love all the photos, I could go to that Christmas shop every day! I think I drank enough gluhwein for the two of us…. 😂😊 Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha, you needed warming up! Despite the cold and damp it was a lovely day Sophie, and you’re very welcome, it was my pleasure. And guess what? I’m going back on Saturday with Joss and this time he’s driving!


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