24 Sleeps to go

24 Sleeps

No matter how old you are, An empty Christmas wrapping paper tube is still a fun thing to bonk someone on the head with!

It’s the first day of Advent and apart from the obvious connotation, for most children, just like my eldest granddaughter has shown here, the start of the Christmas season heralds the count down to the big day. So, let the preparations begin!

In our house the preparations have already begun. The cake was stirred, wished upon and baked some time ago. The roast potatoes have been peeled, par boiled, seasoned, floured and frozen, a task less for Christmas morn.

Other tasks have been delegated to family members so that on the day no one has too much to do. The son for instance makes the most delicious cranberry sauce.

My first Christmas card arrived this morning from a friend, a favourite Irish comedian and this weekend my son and I will decorate the tree and begin to unwrap other little Christmas ornaments, ready to take their usual spot on the fireplace.

The youngest daughter, the very talented Sophie and as many of you know features on here a lot, has been very busy preparing for Christmas in her own unique way.

She began by making an unusual Christmas wreath for herself and a gift for me, but it’s snowballed into yet another sparkly creative venture, with orders coming in thick and fast. Some of these light up!

IMG_1217Wreath 1IMG_1220Wreath 2


A Traditional gift for me and already hung on my porch door


The one created for her oldest sister and now hung in the kitchen, lit up and sparkingly gorgeous

© Sue W-nansfarm.net 2017 In response to the word-prompt Sparkle

10 thoughts on “24 Sleeps to go

    1. I’d like to claim credit for being organised but that’s all down to Victoria, my eldest. The rest of us just do as we are instructed! Sophie has done well hasn’t she. I wish I had her creative talent. Thank, you Peter.

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