My First Black Friday

Black friday 2

My version of Black Friday is deleting all the people in my phone who sent me a mass Thanksgiving text!

We in the UK do not celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’. However, during late September/early October, churches and schools give thanks for what we have received. This is known as the Harvest Festival. It is not normally celebrated in the homes and neither is it a national holiday.

Over here, we are without a doubt the Black Friday underdogs; firstly, it’s a fairly recent addition to our calendar and secondly, the reduction in prices is puritanical compared to America.

This year, for the absolute first time, I decided to take advantage of ‘Black Friday’.

The first item on my list (yes I had items, plural!) was a replacement iPad. My existing model at over five years old was beginning to show its age, and Black Friday seemed as good a time as any to replace it with the latest model.

For me computing has been and continues to be a major part of my life. Having a good spec PC and a singing all dancing tablet (well, a reliable one) at my disposal is a priority. So, having done my online homework, I arrived at the computer store (PC World) bright and early.

There seemed to be an abundance of salesmen at this early hour and all seemed eager to talk to me. When I asked what they could offer me for Black Friday, the store manager quipped he could give me a special offer of two young men in suits. I thanked him for his kind offer and told him although very hard to resist, I already had a young man, though come to think of it, the one I’m thinking of doesn’t normally wear a suit, and he’s not very young either!

Because I intended to future proof, well, as much as is possible in computing I knew exactly what I wanted.  My purchase would be the iPad pro 10.5 in silver. An assistant did a stock check on his computer, shook his head and then announced he’d check other stores.

The outcome of this was that despite a nation with several PC World stores in every town and city, the only model they could offer was in grey and black! Not only that, but they would need to order the keyboard.  For a moment there I was struck dumb. This was Black Friday, how could they possibly run out of stock so early in the day?

I couldn’t shop elsewhere because one of my son-in-laws, through his job in IT, receives a discount at PC World and had kindly organised for me to have the discount in addition to the Black Friday offer. In the end, I decided the colour of the iPad wasn’t important, and anyway, I was won over by a flirting store manager and two young men in suits!

The second item on my list was a replacement car camera (dash cam), an upgrade in quality in comparison to my exisiting one and because the trailing wires from my dash cam had spoilt the look of my car (I’m fussy), I’d decided to take advantage of the Black Friday offer at a car accessories store and have the new camera hard wired.

A couple of days before, I visited the store, asked about the Black Friday offers, chose the camera and booked an appointment for my car to have the camera fitted. However, on the day, half through the fitting, I was told I’d been misinformed of the offer.

The offer I was expecting was a free fitting service, today, however, as I was attempting to pay for the camera, I was told that because the camera was already on offer, there were no Black Friday deals! I argued my case and the young guy fitting the camera was told to down tools. As the queue of people behind me at the desk grew longer, I began to feel frustrated and embarrassed. In the end I was offered 10% off the total, the fitting kit free of charge and an SD card, I accepted!

Balck Friday 3

All in all, my first attempt at Black Friday shopping wasn’t quite as successful as I’d hoped, but at least I managed in part to do what I’d set out to do, I achieved my first Black Friday discount.

© Sue 2017 In response to the daily word-prompt Underdog

18 thoughts on “My First Black Friday

  1. Only saw a couple of “Black Friday” Ads downunder here in Geelong, “Thankfully” it hasn’t quite caught on here yet, maybe the name isn’t quite appropriate, “Black Friday” being the well remembered name given to one our worst ever catastrophic bushfire days in Australia’s history …13th January 1939….

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    1. There are a number of explanations out there for why it’s called Black Friday, which is the day after the American Thanksgiving celebration. (Canada’s Thanksgiving is in early October). One explanation I read goes back to the sale of black slaves the day after Thanksgiving. Another is the American stock market crash of 1869.
      Maybe one of our American friends can put us straight.

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      1. I believe Thanksgiving day is a thank you celebration of the harvest, so to me the Canadian early October celebration makes more sense and kind of ties in with the harvest festivals held in churches and schools over here. Your harvest time is obviously held at a different time, given it’s now your summertime and right now I envy the warmth Ivor! 🌝

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  2. gc

    Well Susan this old young man at heart is relieved to know that you did not accept the offer made to you by the store clerk. This old man has had his eye on you for a long, long time.

    Many time stores offer phenomenal bargains on items they do not actually carry in order to seduce the buying public to step into their place of business and offer them a higher priced item.

    I am glad that you were able to have the camera installed.

    Always enjoy your blog articles and you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ve had your eye on me for a long time? The good one I presume!
      After all this time of being my old man with a young heart, I’m pleased your eyes remain on me Gerry. 👀 Sorry about the one eye quip, I couldn’t resist! xx 😉

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