A matter of taste

The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating it” ~ John Walters

Regardless of many miles between us (mostly ocean) and a seven hour time difference, occasionally, I eat at the same time as my friend.

The other day, at my teatime (6.00pm), he was eating his late breakfast/early lunch which on this occasion just happened to be a peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwich.

Now firstly, I had to work out what he meant by jelly, which turned out to be what those of us in the UK would call jam. Secondly, peanut butter with jam isn’t something most of us over here would eat.

Generally, I’m not particularly fussy about my food, but this particular combination sounded revolting. Anyway, I was talked into actually making and eating a peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwich.

My fear at experimenting with this culinary combination is pretty obvious when you look at the meagre portion of jam spooned onto the bread.

Peanut butter and cherry jelly

In the end, no one was more surprised than me when I declared it to be not a bad taste after all and promptly made myself an even bigger sandwich!

My second offering for the photo challenge is another experiment with food. This time, however, the original experiment took place many years ago at Grandma’s house.

My step granddad picked up the plate of leftover Yorkshire puddings from Sunday lunch, he handed us children a dessert plate and told us to take a pudding. He brought out the vinegar and the sugar bowl and proceeded to dribble vinegar over the puddings, next he sprinkled sugar over each one and told us this was dessert.

Yorkshire Pudding

To this day, one of my greatest gastronomic pleasures is eating a leftover Yorkshire pudding with vinegar and sugar!

Unfortunately, I have had very little success in talking others into being experimental. So, how about you? Why not try it, after all I did try the peanut butter and cherry jelly combination.

© Sue W-nansfarm.net 2017  In response to the photo challenge Experimental and the daily word-prompt Particular

7 thoughts on “A matter of taste

    1. i liked that post thanks for the link Ray. Although I liked the taste I’m not sure peanut butter and jelly will be something I’ll make a regular habit of eating. Fish and chips with vinegar is an absolute must, plus a little sprinkling of salt, but definitely no sugar!

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  1. I’ve seen and heard of this American gastronomic delight but never fancied trying it. Yorkshire puds with vinegar and sugar I can understand but haven’t tried.
    Banana and sugar, or apple and sugar sandwiches though!!!!!!

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    1. I’ve eaten pleny of banana sandwiches but never with sugar. Apple sandwiches? Don’t fancy that one. I have read of yorkshire pud used a dessert with maple syrup or honey and can understand that, after all, the ingredients are the same as pancakes, but made with a slightly thicker batter so could make sense. Thanks Peter

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  3. gc

    I am glad you enjoyed my recommendation of the PB and J. (peanut butter and jam).

    I once tried toasting the bread but the warmth of the bread seemed to melt the jam.

    So glad you like to experiment. 🙂

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