A temporary State of affairs?

“Cemeteries should be more than places where stones lie on the ground. Cemeteries hold the stories of the people who have lived in the past… people who have shaped our past.” ~ Audrey Bierhans

Temporary I hope

Temporary? Will it be fixed?

Earlier this week, I drove to a cemetery at the other side of the city to look for my grandmother’s grave.

Grandma died forty two years ago and shamefully, it’s over thirty years since I visited, maybe even more. I stopped visiting when my own mother stopped asking me to take her.

Even though grandma died some years before my fourth daughter was born, Sophie has developed an interest in grandma’s colourful life and suggested we should visit the grave.

The cemetery is in one of the most deprived areas of the city, an area where there have been a number of shootings between rival communities. Therefore, no longer an area I would visit alone.

We arrived at the cemetery with an armful of flowers but minus the grave plot number! However, I was in a positive frame of mind and was certain I could remember more or less where the grave lay.

Searching in front of the little chapel we were shocked and disappointed to find a group of graves had been damaged.

Headstones lie on the ground with the engravings hidden from view, and stone and marble surrounds broken into pieces. Was this vandalism or the weather? This group appeared to be the only section damaged.

The city council owns and maintains the cemetery, but will it fix the damage, is this a temporary state? In today’s financial climate, I guess not!

I filmed a short video to send to my friend and have included here, please excuse my commentary.

Despite gingerly stepping around these damaged graves,  we were unable to find grandma’s. Was it one of the damaged ones? Who knows, so, we have decided we will return to continue our search, but next time with the plot number!

Damaged side gate to the cemetery

Leaving the cemetery we spotted this damaged side gate! Temporary?

© Sue W-nansfarm.net 2017 

In response to the word challenge Gingerly and linked loosely to the photo challenge Temporary

14 thoughts on “A temporary State of affairs?

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  2. We have the same situations on this side of the pond also. Churchyards used to be cared for by volunteer members. The younger generation is not so giving and as the older caretakers become unable to do the work (or die themselves) there is no one to step up to help. Many city-run cemeteries are in the same condition. It is a shame.

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    1. I’m fortunate to live in a good area where our little village cemetery is owned and looked after by the parish council and not the city. It is a pretty cared for place, where when visiting I often just sit and enjoy the peace. Thank you Ray

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  3. I suppose we are lucky in Australia, we’re a relatively new settlement of foreigners !! All of our cemeteries are well maintained here in the Geelong area, and are quite pleasant parks/cemeteries to visit, with gazebo’s and park benches to sit on and relax, and contemplate life’s twists and turns.

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    1. Other cemeteries in the city are well cared for and are vandalism free, and like yours there are benches to sit and think awhile. This one is an an exception. While we were there the council workers were cutting the grass and generally taking care of the place. Thank you Ivor.


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  5. gc

    Sometimes the folks who manage graveyards are equally malicious and indifferent as the morons who over turn marker stones.

    Years ago my father passed away and my mother purchased a plot for herself and for him.

    It was in a Christian cemetery and the manager of the site assured my mom that she had done everything correctly.

    Imagine our surprise and horror when we received a registered letter two years from the cemetery managers informing her that the burial plots had been jumbled up and my father’s tombstone would have to be turned around facing the opposite direction.

    With this in mind I do respect the notion that burial sites are permanent residences for those who have passed away.

    I also believe that cremation allows family members to tend to the remains of their loved ones in a manner which grave vandals cannot touch.

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    1. I’m so sorry about the experience you and your mother had to endure.
      You and I have previously discussed this, so I’m already aware of your feelings about burial as opposed to cremation and allowing ashes to blow free and I agree with you totally. 🙂

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